Local pair hope to strengthen community with prayer events; first event of year set for Feb. 1

This year's first regional prayer gathering will be at 8am on February 1 at Parkway in Corbin. | Photo Contributed 

TRI-COUNTY — “We can go to church all day long but if we don’t pray it’s not worth it,” said Danielle Stansberry who is involved in helping organize a set of events focused on prayer for the Tri-County.

This is the second year that Stansberry with Parkway Ministries and Libby Campbell with River of Life Fellowship have teamed up to inspire individuals, families and churches to gather together as the Church to pray for the region. Just like the pair did last year, they are planning to do it this year once per quarter.

This year’s first regional prayer gathering will be at 8 a.m. on February 1 at Parkway Ministries in Corbin.

Stansberry, one of the intercessors in her church, said the event started early last year as Campbell asked for individuals to come and pray for the nation as the new year began. Campbell said she felt like this was what the Lord was telling her to do and Campbell said when everyone puts aside their different denomination it has the potential for a larger footprint.

In the past several years, Stansberry has gone to multiple different churches in the area asking them to open their church doors for prayer in the weeks leading up to Easter. While Stansberry said church officials are always willing to do it, there is a lacking of individuals who are actually coming out to pray.

The two hope this quarterly event will bridge the gap and strengthen the community.

“Churches have boundary issues sometimes and our vision is that the Church would come together,” Stansberry said. “And that’s been a struggle to be perfectly honest, it hurts people to get past that.”

It is their hope that each quarter, like last year, a different church will host the gathering, which typically is held from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. on a Saturday. Refreshments and coffee are served before prayer and then everyone gathers into the sanctuary.

Sometimes the group is led to pray for schools, or unity or just whatever God puts on their hearts.

“We’re just trying to get people involved,” Stansberry added. “This is for people that have a heart for the community.”

The community prayer gathering is something the Campbell’s church has been desiring to see for a while.

“Our church has really been working on becoming more of a house of prayer and at one point we felt like the Lord said we needed to reach out to other churches,” said Campbell.

She wants to hear from the Lord and to help change the community through prayer.

“The lost need saved and we need Jesus,” said Campbell. “A small group can get a lot done and a bigger group can get even more done.”

Campbell said the event is fun and she said when they’re together, they’ve never failed to hear from the Lord.

“It’s evident that He likes it when we come together like that,” she said. “If someone wants to come sit in the back and be silent, that is fine or if you want to come lead the group in prayer, that is fine too.”

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