Hospital's Chief Medical Officer earns Patient Safety Credential

Dr. David Worthy

CORBIN -- The Certification Board for Professionals in Patient Safety (CBPPS) recently recognized Baptist Health Corbin's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. David Worthy, MD, CPE CPPS, as a Certified Professional in Patient Safety (CPPS).

Dr. Worthy is among a select number of Baptist Health professionals who have earned this credential in part by passing a rigorous, evidence-based examination that tests candidates on their competency in patient safety science and application.

"Earning this credential attests to David's professional competency in patient safety science and application," said Anthony Powers, Baptist Health Corbin president, who commended Dr. Worthy on this accomplishment. "This achievement demonstrates his expertise in this critical discipline and positions him among those committed to and leading patient safety work."

The CPPS credential establishes patient safety competency standards and elevates the professional stature of the healthcare professional who has met the knowledge requirements in safety science, human factors engineering and the practice of safe patient care.

Dr. Worthy has been co-chair of Baptist Health's systemwide Patient Safety Committee since its inception in 2014he said. "The knowledge and encouragement from this process sharpened my focus on patient safety. The primary objective for all of us in healthcare is to provide the safest and most reliable care for our patients. That is what this is all about"

Certification requires a combination of education and experience, as well as successful completion of the evidence-based exam, which includes five core patient safety domains: Culture, Leadership, Patient Safety Risks and Solutions, Measuring and Improving Performance, and Systems Thinking and Design/Human Factors. The CPSS certification requires three years of working in the field as well as patient safety practices being an integral component of the candidate's professional responsibilities.

For more information about the CPPS credential, contact the Certification Board for Professionals in Patient Safety at (617) 391-9927 or write to


The Certification Board for Professionals in Patient Safety (CBPPS) was established by, but is a separate organizational entity from, the National Patient Safety Foundation, and was created to advance, standardize, and promote patient safety knowledge competencies for health care professionals. To this end, successful completion of the rigorously-designed Certified Professional in Patient Safety (CPPS) exam attests to candidates' knowledge of essential patient safety competencies, upon which time the board confers the CPPS credential. Those attaining the CPPS designation represent a group of committed professionals from across health care who are determined to advance the patient safety field and make the health care system safer for all. To learn more, go to

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