BARBOURVILLE — The fall session of KCEOC Community Action Partnership’s KY Career Center’s biannual Job Club started Wednesday.

According to its website, Job Club is a small group of jobseekers coming together on a weekly basis with career professionals to provide the right mix of weekly support, job searching advice, job leads, and member motivation to help your job search gain the momentum and charge that it needs.

KCEOC Career Advisor and Facilitator of KCEOC’s Job Club Keith Greene says that the main benefit Job Club provides is the community its members create while attending.

“It’s all about people coming together, helping each other, built around a focus topic to help each other find jobs,” Greene told The Times-Tribune. “To me that’s why we call it Job Club because it’s meant to be a club, a support group, just as much as it’s a place for people to learn some of the things they might miss from a workforce professional.”

Greene says that having other people giving tips and sharing their job searching stories is encouraging to those who attend because it shows that others are on the same journey.

“A lot of times people take on the task of finding a job on their own and it can be overwhelming even though it’s essential. But like anything that’s really important, doing it by yourself can be very scary. It can be easy to get lost, and get discouraged,” he continued. “Having other people giving tips is encouraging because it shows that others are on that same path as you. By having the group help, it increases the likelihood that someone may be able to provide some insight that may be new to you, and helps increase the likelihood of finding employment.

Each week of Job Club will look to discuss a different topic beneficial to those seeking jobs. Wednesday’s session broke down the basics of job hunting. Next week session is titled “Stay Focus: Keep Your Eye on the Prize.”

The other four weeks are as follows:

Session Three: Communication is Key: Build Your Own Brand

Session Four: Do Your Homework: Knowledge is Power

Session Five: What is Your Story? Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover

Session Six: Time to Shine: The Interview

Job Club attendees will also have access to help getting to know their skills and what they will have to offer employers, identifying and targeting a list of local businesses and companies, and creating job searching tools like resumes, cover letters, etc.

KCEOC’s Job Club meets at 11 a.m. Wednesdays at the KCEOC KY Career Center on Barbourville’s Court Square. Meetings usually last around an hour. Job Club is free, and Greene says that anyone interested is invited to join.

“Please bring a friend, bring an open heart, bring a mind both willing to learn and to help, and at the end we know we can all celebrate your successes together.”

Job Club is a free community service created by the Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program, Inc. (EKCEP) in partnership with The Kentucky Career Center Office of Employment and Training and local Community Action Agencies throughout Eastern Kentucky.

For more information about Job Club, call the KCEOC KY Career Center at 606-546-2639.

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