CORBIN — While the contract has not yet been signed, the Corbin Tourism Commission is already handling the day-to-day operations of the Corbin Center and a special-called meeting Monday helped iron out the details to allow Tourism Director Maggy Kriebel to continue doing so efficiently and effectively.

At a special-called joint meeting in July, Corbin City Commission and the Corbin Tourism Commission came to an agreement that the Corbin Center would move under the scope of the Corbin Tourism Commission, after Corbin Independent Schools gave notice that it would be returning the management of the facility back to the City of Corbin.

As of August 1, Kriebel has added the facility's management to her list of duties, but during a special-called Corbin Tourism Commission meeting, Kriebel noted that management is a full-time job in itself.

Although a contract is waiting to be returned from the city's attorney, the commission approved motions to allow Kriebel to continue to make decisions to facilitate the operations of the Corbin Center in the meantime.

Kriebel created a budget, which the Tourism Commission approved, to provide a guideline for financial purposes moving forward. She said expected revenue is $35,000, which is being provided by the City of Corbin for operations, and around $80,000 from rentals of the facility.

Kriebel noted she is basing her calculations off of last year and expects some loss of revenue due to not knowing previously agreed upon terms for some rentals that had taken place.

However, moving forward the Tourism Commission approved rental prices for the full facility and specific rooms, as well as other add-on items that clients may also rent such as sound equipment, podium, tablecloths, etc.

The Tourism Commission set Kriebel a limit of being able to make purchases up to $1,000 before needing approval from the commission. The commissioners felt that would allow her to make typical purchases as needed.

Kriebel also presented a possible rental agreement to require clients to sign when renting the Corbin Center. Items such as not allowing glitter and having a curfew of 11 p.m. were some of what was included in the agreement.

The commission also approved Kriebel to begin searching for part-time Corbin Center event attendants that would work on an as-needed basis. The attendant scheduled for an event would help the clients during the time they had rented the facility.

Custom Cleaning and Maintenance was awarded the bid to perform the maintenance and cleaning of the Corbin Center.

The Corbin Tourism Commission is expected to have a contract from the city's attorney soon so that the agreement could be official.

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