WHITLEY COUNTY - The Whitley County Fiscal Court held a special called meeting on Veterans Day in which Whitley County Judge Executive Pat White Jr. read aloud and signed a proclamation proclaiming Nov. 11 as Veterans Day in Whitley County.

“I thought it would be appropriate for us at least to recognize the day, and recognize the service of our veterans as part of this meeting that we’re doing on this holiday,” White said. “I certainly think there is a lot that we have in this country to be thankful for that we often take for granted,” he added. “The veterans in our communities and in our country lead to a lot of those blessings for each of us.”

During the meeting, the court approved the purchase of the old Forest Products Sawmill property from the company for a total of $123,750, along with the appropriate fund transfer to pay for it. The 15 acres of land is located off of Happy Hollow Road near exit 11 in Williamsburg.

White said the plan was to move the county’s growing sanitation department to that area, and that the 10-year lease would be paid by the county’s sanitation department.

“There are some exciting things that will hopefully, eventually come out of this purchase,” he said. “We hope that we’ll be able to grow this location into a permanent location for one of our dumpster day setups.”

White said that if all goes according to plan, Whitley County residents will be able to dispose bulky items at the location and not have to wait for the county’s monthly event.

“We’ll have to grow into that, it’ll probably be some time before we have the staffing and stuff in place,” White added, saying the court was trying to allow the sanitation to continue it’s growth, so that it could pay for those additional services.

“But it is growing, it’s growing pretty rapidly, beyond the pace that we first expected. We hope to continue to see that growth, and we hope to see the profits from that sanitation department get directed back to increase services for our citizens,” noted White.

The court also entered into executive session for over three hours to discuss a seven-year dispute between John Williams Thomas and the fiscal court in regard to two local roadways that had been a part of the county’s road map since the 1930s.

White explained that the property owner had argued that the roadways were not part of the county roadways.

The fiscal court ultimately deciding to agree upon a settlement for an appeal previously filed in the case.

“There had been an appealed filed by us,” White said. “At the lower court, we won some and lost some. We filed an appeal, we reached amicable terms for both parties, and settlement terms for both of us to dismiss our appeals.”

White said the agreement was that the larger of the two roads would continue to be maintained by the county, while the smaller of the two roads would not. The smaller road would also have an easement for access.

“I’m happy to have this resolved. I hope that it can lead to peace in the community and everybody will be satisfied with the results,” White said.

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