Corbin Traditional School on schedule to open this fall

Tuesday's special-called meeting of the Corbin Board of Education was the first time the board members had been on site and seen site plans of the bus loop that will come through the front yard of the Corbin Traditional School. 

CORBIN — The Corbin Traditional School looks to get a new gymnasium floor and is on schedule to open for the fall semester.

Corbin Independent Schools Superintendent Dave Cox said the construction project for Corbin Traditional School, located on Kentucky Street, remains on track and even with a new gym floor in the plans, he should have the keys to the building on July 1 to move furniture in.

During Tuesday evening’s special-called Corbin Board of Education meeting held at the construction site of the Corbin Traditional School, board members received a tour of the school and got to see first-hand the renovations being made.

Cox said the new gym floor was the topic of conversation. The board didn’t know if there was going to be enough funding left over to include the gym floor, but after review the funds look good to move ahead with the project.

“We’re going to let the bids out and see if we can get one that’s in our budget,” Cox said Thursday in an interview with the Times-Tribune.

Cox said they had priced it over a year ago, but with the way things increase in price, he wants to make sure it has remained affordable.

The gym serves as a physical education classroom as well as home to numerous activities for the community, increasing the need for improved flooring.

Cox said the new flooring will not slow down the timing of the construction project. During the special-called meeting, one of the board members asked if the project was on schedule and David Jackson with Hacker Brothers Construction assured them that things were.

“If the bids come in an acceptable price range, then we can probably have it down by the time school started,” he said.

Cox said it is about a six-week project. However, the floor may not even need to come out at all. With new technology, Cox said there’s a possibility that the new floor could be replaced over top the old floor.

“This is a quicker and cheaper process,” Cox said.

The current floor in the old middle school gym is the original gym floor and Cox said it has been refinished and repainted numerous times with several boards and nail heads coming through. Cox had a company look at refinishing the floor and the company said the floor shouldn’t be sanded any more.

“It’s time to replace the floor,” Cox said.

If the original floor does come out before the new one is put down, board members are considering some sort of fundraiser with the old floor.

Corbin Traditional School, which will be in the building that was previously Corbin Middle School, will house fourth- and fifth-graders once construction is completed.

This was the first time the board members had been on site and seen site plans of the bus loop that will come through the front yard of the school. Cox said members also got to see a map of where the sidewalks will be placed.

“It was pretty interesting,” Cox noted. “It’s going to be a beautiful building and a nice addition to downtown. We’re looking forward to it.”

Cox said the architects did a nice job of blending in the old stone work from the gymnasium and the brick work from the school into the connector.

“I think this being in the heart of town and the impact this is going to have to downtown, especially when you look at the history behind the building,” Kevin Cheek, with Sherman Carter Barnhart Architects said during last month's meeting.

The Corbin Board of Education also met on Thursday evening at 6 p.m. at the Corbin Center.

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