Corbin man enjoys once in a lifetime experience getting to meet Vice President

Gov. Matt Bevin, Bobby "Bubba" Hall and Vice President Mike Pence grab a picture together during a meet and greet at Shep's Place in Corbin Friday. | Photo courtesy of Bobby Hall

CORBIN — Two lines wrapped around the corners of the sidewalk, both full of people hoping to get a seat inside downtown Corbin's Shep's Place on Friday morning.

Friday's lunch time at Shep's Place housed a handful of guests outside the norm for the restaurant. Vice President Mike Pence, Gov. Matt Bevin and a handful of other elected officials visited the restaurant Friday afternoon as part of a bus tour the Republican Party ticket took Friday.

Bobby "Bubba" Hall, 25, of Corbin, along with his dad Harold Hall, were first in one of the lines awaiting their chance to get inside Shep's Place Friday.

For the hometown man, he didn't remember anything this big ever happening in Corbin.

"It's definitely a first," Hall said of the Vice President's visit to the small town.

"It's a pretty cool occasion, get to see the Vice President in Corbin and show our support for him and the governor's reelection," Hall said.

Hall first saw Pence was coming through Facebook and he got his ticket right away. With over a hundred people already in line to get inside Shep's Place at about 10:30 a.m. Friday, Hall was glad he had arrived as one of the first in line at about 9:30 a.m. Shep's Place Owner Mark Shepherd had already come out to apologize that there would not be room for everyone inside.

Hall hoped to get the chance to speak with Pence Friday and said, "I would thank him for all the good work him and Donald Trump have done keeping our country safe and just making America great again."

And that's exactly what he did.

Hall and his dad were able to get a seat in Shep's Place which was packed full of local elected officials and dignitaries.

Hall was able to have a brief conversation with Vice President Pence and Gov. Bevin and even managed to grab a photo with them. He said they told him they were excited to be in Corbin and that they needed his help to keep Bevin in office for Kentucky.

After the event Hall said it was a once in a lifetime experience in getting to meet Vice President Pence and Gov. Bevin and it was a great experience for his dad and him.

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