CORBIN — It’s something that Corbin High School Assistant Principal Steve Jewell has been considering for many years, and this year with school staff on board and community partners overflowing, it’s coming to fruition — a community thanksgiving.

The Corbin Independent School System is partnering with White Flag Ministry on Nov. 25, to feed families in the community. The event will take place in the Corbin High School cafeteria.

Jewell said with his prior involvement in athletics he never made the time for this event but now in an administrative role and with good relationships with staff, such as Heather Martinez, the time is right.

“It’s for the community but we’re trying to reach people that might not get a good Thanksgiving dinner and as well, send them home with a food basket,” said Jewell. “We’ve got all the schools involved and students are volunteering to work.”

Jewell, who has been in the school system for over 30 years, said the community has always responded to any request he’s ever asked for and this is his way of responding back to the community.

Corbin High School Principal John Crawford agreed.

“I have been very blessed in my 31 years and I feel like this is one way the school can give back,” said Jewell.

The meal can be for someone who depends on programs like the White Flag Ministry to eat daily, it can be a child who only eats when they are at school, or for that parent that gives their share of dinner to their children because there isn’t enough for extras.

Martinez, who likes to stay busy, knew from past partnerships with the White Flag that a partnership with them for this event would be ideal. She contacted Ann Hacker who is a supporter of both Corbin High School and White Flag, and got things moving.

Alisha Hammack with Corbin Family Resource Center is sending personal invitations to family members of certain students, including ones that may have lost jobs or are having a financial change. She will also have clothing and personal items set up the those that need them during the event.

As for the food, several local restaurants are supplying and preparing the turkeys and Corbin schools are preparing the sides. And the baskets are being prepared by the students who are in charge of bringing in donations.

Martinez said the goal for the high school is to let the community know they are loved.

“We welcome them here no matter who they are,” Martinez said. “If they want to watch a ball game they can. If they want to eat, it is a safe space. It’s a safe space for them and their families. You are welcome in our schools.”

Organizers ask that if you know anyone who could use a meal, invite them to the dinner on November 25, from 5-7 p.m. at Corbin High School.

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