WILLIAMSBURG — The wait is over — after three years, the Copper Top Tap is finally opening.

In 2018, Ed Moore and Mindy Morgan announced the opening of their newest business venture, the Copper Top Tap, a restaurant and bar in downtown Williamsburg. However, the couple ran into several roadblocks along the way.

“We had this whole empty space—we own the whole building and we had a bunch of empty suites down here and I said ‘I want a restaurant,’ and I’d wanted to do this for a long time and I had a whole concept in my head and we just started executing our plans,” Morgan said.

Morgan said it was the bureaucratic processes that set the pair back time and time again.

“We tabled the project because we had a lot going on in those three years,” Morgan said. “My dad passed away and he was a huge part of this as well.

“It was hurdle after hurdle for me and every time I turned around, I would hit another rock wall. It became very frustrating but I think persistence is key and I think everything happens for a reason and in good timing.”

Now, after three long years, Copper Top Tap will be opening its doors to eager customers on Monday.

“It’s overwhelming in the best way possible,” Morgan said of the restaurant’s upcoming grand opening. “I have been so grateful every day—we’re finally here and I’m excited to bring this to the public. People have waited on Copper Top for three years, it’s been a long time in the making.”

The Copper Top Tap offers a full bar with 20 beers on tap, a full menu of classic cocktails and bottled beers, as well as a carefully chosen selection of down-home, southern eats.

“We’ve got a lot of really good home-cooked meals, slow roasted—just that real good soul food,” Morgan said.

Morgan said the restaurant’s menu has been tweaked over the last three years but she feels like their current menu is has some really special dishes. One of the most special items on the menu for Morgan is the “John Boy,” a hot bowl of pinto beans and cornbread—her late father’s favorite meal.

“He ate it every week when I was growing up, so I added it to the menu and then I ultimately named it after him,” she said.

The couple has poured their hearts into this business with lots of special touches everywhere you look, including outlets, USB ports and bag hooks under the bar. As its name would suggest, the Copper Top Tap’s bar top is made up of $175 worth of pennies. But the copper doesn’t stop there, as the ceiling is copper, the beer taps are copper and the silverware is copper.

“I wanted something to set us apart from the rest,” Morgan said. “The penny bar top—it was an idea that I ran with.

“One penny is upside down—you’ll never find it, and one penny is faced the opposite direction. It was totally on purpose, it was by design. It will be the conversation piece.”

The Copper Top Tap is located at 106 South 3rd Street in downtown Williamsburg and will be open Monday through Thursday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Sunday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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