WHITLEY COUNTY — Sometimes you just don’t want to mess up your own kitchen. Or maybe your kitchen is too small for all your cooking and canning needs.

You may not know, but there is a spacious commercial kitchen in Whitley County that’s not being taken advantage of that has the ability to meet just about every gardener and cook's needs.

The Whitley County Extension Office in Goldbug has a commercial kitchen open for community members to schedule and use. The kitchen is fully equipped with just about everything you could think of when it comes to your cooking, canning or baking needs.

Whitley County Family and Consumer Sciences Agent Matti Cornelius said several people have used the kitchen for making soap and spices but overall the kitchen doesn’t get much use. And certainly not as much use as it was intended to get.

If someone wants to mass produce a product, this kitchen is ideal. Cornelius said first individuals have to come and get inspected by the state. What this entails is a state employee coming to watch the individual prepare and package their product.

“If someone is consuming your product, you want to make sure it’s safe,” she said. “And that you're doing it on a safe surface.”

For just $30, the kitchen can be rented for four-hour increments. Cornelius said that money goes directly back into the maintenance of all the equipment. The commercial kitchen and its appliances were a big drive in the remodel of the Goldbug facility. The kitchen provides a space for local farmers as well as community members to mass produce and package.

Gas stove and oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, sinks, ice machine, and a plethora of other appliances surround the kitchen for community members to use.

“A lot of people are seeking these kitchens because the equipment and the certification of it,” Cornelius added. “This is giving community members an opportunity at a very minimum cost.”

For more information about the commercial kitchen, call Matti Cornelius at 606-549-1430.

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