Stepworks' home comforts help people recover from addiction

Stepworks offers scenic views of the countryside along with the modern comforts of home. | Photo Contributed 

TRI-COUNTY — Local detention centers in the area stay at or over capacity and many of those inmates are held on drug charges. Often times they fear for their freedom, knowing they’ll end up right back to what led them behind bars in the first place.

Desperation. Sadly, it’s the place that Tim Moses says most addicts must come to before being able to receive the help they need. And Moses would know. Although now he’s the Stepworks of London Facility Administrator (an addiction treatment facility), he was desperate himself not so long ago.

Moses said alcohol was his drug of choice, however, he admits he dabbled in it all. He’s in recovery now and manages a facility that is helping change the lives of community members with a unique environment. It was his alcoholism that sent Moses to prison and nearly cost him the relationship with his wife. This keeps him humble and helps him relate to the people he works with and the addicts that move through the facility.

In August 2017, Moses became the administrator for Stepworks of London, a state-of-the-art addiction treatment facility by Stepworks Recovery Centers. Stepworks London accepts male participants only, however, other Stepworks centers across the state do accept females.

Stepworks offers scenic views of the countryside along with the modern comforts of home. The facility has a proven record of client success and community trust.

Stepworks has several facilities across the state but it was with its first facility a clear mission was established: to help people recover from addiction.

Their philosophy of treatment is emphasized on the individual instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. They rejected the idea that addiction is a sign of moral failure. Instead, they understand it as a disease that affects all aspects of one’s life.

Stepworks helps families understand what addiction is and how to work through it together.

According to Moses the number one reason people go to treatment is for relief. But he adds, there’s a lot of fear going into treatment — fear of groups, therapy, sharing and detox. Where Stepworks is a house setting, it helps to take away some anxiety of what a more clinical setting would.

“It’s a special place,” Moses said. “It’s a house on a farm.”

Moses said he doesn’t take lightly the position God has put him in, and wanting to make a difference in the lives of other addicts, he ensures he has a quality staff.

“If you want to be good, you surround yourself with good people,” said Moses referring to a quote he heard a long time ago from his father.

Moses believes that the stigma around drug addicts is improving, but admits it’s part of the problem with recovery.

People talk about the drug epidemic but Moses said it’s nothing new, it has always been an epidemic.

At Stepworks, they’re not in the business of saving lives. Moses said if they take credit for the one that makes it then they’d have to take credit for the 10 that don’t. Simply, they want to create an environment where their own families would want to go.

Stepworks in London features family, group and individual therapy, addiction education and life skills workshops. They offer treatment plans, dietician approved meal plans and in-house support groups.

For more information on the facility, call 800-545-9031.

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