CORBIN -- Corbin's City Commission hosted its regularly scheduled meeting on Monday which was livestreamed through Facebook due to COVID-19 restrictions, where viewers were free to ask any questions. Every item on the commission's agenda was unanimously passed, and those in attendance praised the citizens and businesses of the city for their cooperation through the COVID-19 crisis.

Among those in attendance were Mayor Suzie Razmus, City Manager Marlon Sams, City Clerk Roberta Webb, City Commissioner Trent Knuckles, City Commissioner David Hart and City Commissioner Brandon Shepherd. Technical difficulties arose when viewers of the meeting's Facebook stream could not hear what was being said in the meeting. Commissioner Knuckles also made a slightly late arrival to the meeting around five minutes in. After the technical difficulties were fixed, the first few items on the agenda were quickly summarized for those in attendance online.

The first items on the agenda were motions to approve the payment of the bills for the month of March and to approve the minutes for the regular city meeting on March 16. This was followed by a motion to approve a refund of $1451.09 to Hometown Bank after they paid an occupational tax on two employees working in Barbourville.

Next was a motion to approve the sale of surplus property to David O. Smith and Marsha A. Smith. The property was appraised by a board of commissioners to be worth $1,200. Mayor Razmus described the property as being a ditch line, noting that it had no real value to the community.

Resolution No. 7-2020 was the next item of the evening, the resolution authorizes the mayor to make applications for and on the approval to enter into agreement with the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security to execute any documents that are deemed necessary by that office to facilitate and administer the project and act as an authorized administer to said project. The resolution was passed to help secure a grant to purchase rescue equipment and services for the city.

The London-Corbin Airport was next on the agenda, requiring Mayor Razmus' signature to sign documents relating to the consent and estoppel of the facility. Authorization for the city manager to advertise for blacktop, cell phone service, landfill and stone for fiscal year 2021 was granted following this.

Dee Barnes was appointed to the Corbin Public Library Board to fill the spot vacated by Brenda Jones and to complete her term. Mayor Razmus then spoke at length about Jones' service to the city.

"Brenda Jones did a fabulous job for many, many years. She did a lot of work and many great things happened at the library. They've done so much for our community and with very little funding, it's been amazing what they have been able to do. Brenda has been a very big part of that and we thank her for her service," she said.

A leave of absence was approved for Dale Phipps of the Public Works Department. Phipps is set to commence training with the Kentucky National Guard. His leave of absence was originally set to commence this April but has since been pushed back to August. The leave was approved all the same.

A checking account was then opened for the Colonel Sanders Half Marathon, with two out of three signatures from either Margaret Hope Gibson, Skye Estep, or Nicole Morris being requited on each check.

Ordinance No. 02-2020 was then passed. The ordinance established regulations for portable storage units, setting fines and actions for violations. A temporary storage unit was defined as any portable storage container used to store personal property placed in the front yard, driveway, or anywhere on residential property.

A permit must be obtained from the code enforcement officer for the placement of any such unit. The permit shall be valid for 14 days from the date it was issued. The code enforcement officer may grant an extension on the 14 day period on the showing of good cause.

In no event should the placement of the unit last longer than 30 days. The code enforcement officer shall issue a citation to any person or entity violating the ordinance. The citation is for the immediate removal of the unit and imposing of a fine for no less than $100 and no more than $250.

Should the portable unit not be removed pursuant to the directions of the citation, the code enforcement officer shall have the right to have the unit removed at the cost of the property owner. If the property owner doesn't reimburse the city of Corbin for the unit's removal 30 days after the unit's removal, the city of Corbin shall have the right to put a lien on the property on which the incident has occurred.

Any property owner, citizen, or resident with an existing portable storage unit container at the time of the adoption of the ordinance shall have 60 days to come into compliance. The ordinance went into effect Monday with its passing.

Ordinance 2020-03 renewing ordinance 2016-05 pertaining to the local agreement among the city of Corbin, Williamsburg, and Whitley County to the apportionment of revenue generated by the county occupational license fee and city occupational license fee.

The meeting was capped off with the City Manager's Report. City Manager Marlon Sams mentioned that ATS had returned to the city to finish off last year's black top list. Sams then thanked the city employees currently working through the COVID-19 crisis.

"I want to thank our city employees, who have went above and beyond," he said.

Sams brought up a proposal to pay a one-time bonus to city workers for the last two pay periods for their exceptional work through the crisis. It was passed unanimously.

Before the meeting adjourned, Mayor Razmus gave an update on the state of the city.

"Everything seems to be going along great. We've had a lot of cooperation from our local businesses, who are really being team players, and I really appreciate it. Our small businesses are suffering, and if there's anything you can do as a citizen to help our small businesses, please do so," she said.

The mayor then spoke about Corbin Cares, the newly formed non-profit. Corbin Cares is taking donations and selling T-shirts, then giving the funding to local restaurants and helping feed hospital workers. The mayor then mentioned the closing of schools for the rest of the year, and then reminded everyone to keep students in their thoughts and prayers.

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