CORBIN — The city of Corbin welcomed World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Superstars and fans alike with small town charm and hospitality Sunday.

The Fiend, The Miz, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Charlotte Flair and more hit the ring inside the Corbin Arena for a night of entertainment after the superstars spent their day traveling around town, and one even caught up with Corbin Mayor Suzie Razmus.

As Superstar wrestler King Corbin and WWE launched a campaign to have the city of Corbin renamed to King Corbin, fans and citizens of Corbin and all across the state took notice.

Corbin Arena Manager Kristi Balla, who first brought WWE to Corbin in 2018, said while this stunt was obviously for entertainment purposes, it spread like wildfire.

“The story was picked up by every wrestling website, news stations across the state, and national magazine sites including,” said Balla. “And to top it all off it was talked about by the announcers on Smackdown which airs on Fox on Friday nights.”

Balla said it was reported that approximately four million people were watching Smackdown the night Corbin was mentioned.

The city of Corbin was not renamed, however King Corbin did secure his own official day with a proclamation stating that for the day of January 12, 2020, the city would be know as King Corbin, Kentucky.

“Mayor Razmus was a great sport and even filmed a segment with King Corbin which was shown during his Loser Eats Dog Food Match with Roman Reigns,” added Balla. “Fans will be able to see the whole story airing Wednesday on the WWE network show, The Bump, and on their YouTube channel Wednesdays at 10 a.m.”

Balla said Sunday night’s show was the best yet, and not just for the level of talent that was there, but also for the promotion that the City of Corbin received.

The main event of the night featured King Corbin and Roman Reigns in a match that would demand the loser eat a bowl of dog food. It was King Corbin himself that found his face in a bowl of dog food.

Balla said she knew when she took over the Arena in Corbin, WWE was the one thing she had to get.

"Now, we are literally tied into a WWE storyline that's gotten all this crazy attention," she said. "It hasn't even truly sunk in yet that I'm a part of all of this."

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