CORBIN — More than 300 Tri-County students, representing 24 churches, are spending their week finding clarity in the midst of chaos and confusion.

Immanuel Baptist Church Student Pastor Dustin Rife said Lucid started out as a vacation bible school for middle school students in 2013, thinking no high school students would come.

With a small youth group, they only set up 40 chairs. Pastors were shocked when 64 students showed up.

The next year it was opened up to high school students. When 97 students showed up that year, pastors realized they should start inviting other churches.

“Every student lives in chaos and confusion from one time to another,” said Rife. “If they can see they’re not alone in this thing called a relationship with the Lord then together they can find clarity and be able to thrive, not just survive, in high school and middle school.”

When the program ran out of space at the church, Lucid organizers partnered with the City of Corbin and started renting out the civic center.

Although the doors open at 6:30 p.m. nightly, students start arriving at 5:30, and while it officially ends at 8:30 p.m., Rife said students would likely stay much later.

“They just want community,” he said. “We believe that if we connect firm with truth that we’re going to make an impact on the Tri-County area.”

Summer nights at Lucid is about hanging out with friends and the truth, said Rife. And those nights consist of fun, fellowship, academic, athletic and artistic competition and worship. These activities are mostly student-led too, said Rife.

“They are the ones who plan and organize,” he said. “Students are the church of today, not the church of tomorrow. We need to start treating them like that.”

Over 70 volunteers from multiple churches make this four-day event a reality. Each night, special individuals are honored for their help. Rife noted there is one youth worker who has two full-time jobs and still helps with Lucid.

“Our big goal is for this to one day be at the Corbin Arena and for it to still be free to the community,” he said.

While Rife dreams of eventually having the opportunity to help thousands grow, he and the others are focused on the hundreds that are before them this week.

“Our goal is that Judges 2:10 never happens again,” he said. “We’re praying for students to take a next step with Jesus.”

Having 24 churches come together is pretty cool, according to Rife, who said we all may disagree about a lot of things, but we all agree that Jesus is the way to heaven.

“If we can put everything else aside and focus on that for one week, it allows people to take a next step,” Rife said.

Lucid runs Sunday through Thursday 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Civic Center on Gordon Hill.

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