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WHITLEY COUNTY -- On Tuesday, the Whitley County Fiscal Court approved the second reading of one budget amendment, along with an emergency ordinance for an additional budget amendment that would bring in over one million dollars in total to the county.

Ordinance 2020-14's second reading was approved amending the county's budget positively in the amount of $596,280.

Whitley County Judge Executive Pat White Jr. explained that the amendment primarily consisted of reimbursements from the CARES Act.

Emergency ordinance 2020-15 pertaining to budget amendment number seven was also approved and is a positive budget amendment in the amount of $729,884.36.

"We had two draws. We're able to draw in all of our CARES Act money through those two draws, which would be a huge benefit to the county for this year to help us get through this," explained White.

Whitley County Sheriff Todd Shelley gave his sheriff's report for the month of October, noting that during last month the Whitley County Sheriff's office had 1,084 criminal complaints, had 90 criminal arrest, worked 39 motor vehicle collisions and 26 criminal cases.

The court approved the sheriff's 2021 budget, 2021 salary cap, the sheriff's 2021 site advancement and payment for state advancement, and the sheriff's 2021 bond and payment of claims.

The court also approved an amended 2020 salary cap for the sheriff's department. The salary cap was amended due to employee recognition awards given by the fiscal court.

"We obviously voted to do that recognition award, and the sheriff's deputies were certainly entitled to it under the standards they set and certainly deserving of it from what I saw," White said. "They had a very difficult year and faced a lot of bad situations throughout the year."

The fiscal court corrected a previous claim stemming from last week's approval of purchasing land from Forest Products that will be used by the count's sanitation department.

The court had originally written a check for $123,750 to Forest Products to purchase the property, but as Judge White explained, the check instead needed to be made out to the trust account of Whitley County attorney Bob Hammons who is working on the county's behalf in closing the deal. The money would then be moved from the trust account to Forest Products upon completion of the deal.

The amount of the check also had to be slightly modified. $153.63 was added to the check's total to pay for filing fees and other fees associated with the closing of the deal. Therefore, the check's total amount is $123,903.63.

In other fiscal court business, the court:

- Accepted a petition to adopt Buggy Bill Johnson Road into the county road system.

Buggy Bill Johnson Road is a side road off of Johnson Cemetery Road, and used to be open to the public. White said the road would need some road grading work and other work done to it.

- Approved its annual encroachment bond continuation for Delta Natural Gas.

- Approved 2020-2021 salt agreement with KY Transportation Cabinet, that would provide 100 tons of backup salt from the state should Whitley County use all of its salt this winter treating icy roads.

Judge White clarified that Whitley County's salt bin was pretty full, and that this was just a precaution.

- Appointed Kellene Turner and Beth Davis to the Whitley County Extension Board.

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