The Knox County Health Department is reporting the county's first case of COVID-19 on Monday.

Knox County Health Department made the announcement in a Facebook post about 12:30 p.m. stating that its Epidemiology Rapid Response Team is collaborating with the Department for Public Health to track individuals who had close contact with this case and are at risk for infection.

Those individuals will be instructed on proper quarantine measures and monitored to safeguard their own health and health of the public, according to the release from the Knox County Health Department.

"Conducting contact investigation is a priority for KCHD," the release said. "The goal of a contact investigation is to successfully stop the transmission and prevent future cases of COVID-19. KCHD will conduct an in-depth investigation of all contacts to the patient. These individuals will be notified as soon as they have been identified. If you are not contacted by this office, then you are considered as having no more risk than the general public at this time."

The Knox County Health Department said in the release that it believes the general public is at an extreme low risk of contracting COVID-19, although they strongly encourage the public to follow proper preventive guidelines.

"The Knox County Health Department is dedicated to our mission, we strive to protect the health of the community in every possible way," said Rebecca Rains, director of the Knox County Health Department. 

Knox County Judge Executive Mike Mitchell said despite not having any cases of COVID-19 in his county until Monday, he knew that it was coming.

“We’ve been fortunate not to have a confirmed case until now,” said Mitchell. “Now, more than ever, we just need to be vigilant, and practice safe health practices, social distancing, and having contact with others.”

Mitchell said he would like to thank Kentuckians and Knox Countians for doing their part so far in helping prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“So far, I want to thank everyone for sacrificing and taking ownership to do their part and what’s needed to protect our community and our families. You can’t thank the healthcare workers, and the first-responders, and the grocery store, and the retail workers enough for providing their services. They do a demanding job also,” Mitchell said on retail workers.

Mitchell said his office has been in constant contact with the local health officials as they continue to track the spread of COVID-19 across the commonwealth.

Mitchell said he has also had multiple conversations with Governor Andy Beshear, as well. “I thank the Governor for his proactive approach,” Mitchell said. “It’s infringing on our daily lives, but it’s something that’s going to have to be dealt with, and I commend him on taking the leadership role that he has.”

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