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FRANKFORT - During his daily press conference Wednesday, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear announced that the state had received access to the additional $600 per week in federal unemployment benefits. 

“We have confirmed that will start payments tomorrow evening,” Beshear said. “I appreciate that legislation passed by the federal government, and signed into law by the president, that’s really going to help our people.”

Beshear also announced 204 new cases of COVID-19 in Kentucky, the new highest one-day total thus far, surpassing yesterday’s benchmark of 147 cases. Kentucky now has an official total of 1,346 cases across the state.

“We are in our escalation,” Beshear said, later adding, “Remember, even when we’re doing this right, even when we’re doing it right, which we are, there is still that escalation,” he continued. “We have still not reached that first peak, and that’s why we’re going to see our cases continue to increase.”

According to Beshear, Kentucky has now seen 339 people fully recover from COVID-19. He also reported that the state now has 205 people hospitalized due to the virus, and 93 people in intensive care. 

Gov. Beshear announced eight Kentuckians passed away from the virus since yesterday. Those individuals were a 63-year-old male in Jefferson County, a 90-year-old female in Jefferson County, a 91-year-old female in Jefferson County, a 93-year-old female in Jefferson County, a 78-year-old male in Calloway County, a 76-year-old male in Christian County, an 86-year-old female in Christian County, and an 86-year-old male in Christian County. 

“Now these are eight Kentuckians that we have lost, and it’s a loss for all of us. It’s a loss for those families, it’s a loss for those communities, and their friends,” Beshear said reminding Kentuckians to light their homes, and places of business green in compassion, solidarity, and remembrance.  

The Governor also announced a new executive order issued for the state of Kentucky. The order limits the number of individuals to one person per household permitted into retail establishments. 

“Now there are exceptions, and those exceptions will be for the people who can’t remain healthy at home without your care or supervision,” announced La Tasha Buckner, the Chief of Staff for the Governor’s General Counsel.  

“So, if you’re the adult in the household, and you need to go out and get groceries, but you have minor children, or other adults who have physical, or mental impairments, where they can’t be on their own, they can still accompany you to the grocery store, or the pharmacy,” she explained. 

The executive order renews a previous order allowing Kentuckians to re-up their 30-day prescriptions. 

The order also prohibits door-to-door solicitations during this time. 

“If there are people still going door-to-door to all the households to either sell magazines, fundraise, drum up business it’s creating the problem that we’re trying to stop. Furthermore, it prevents you from being healthy at home,” explained Buckner. 

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