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By any other name, Harvey was a "dough nut" -- a miser. And, consistent with that characteristic, he was also a do-it-yourself fanatic. For example, to save money and to make sure it was done exactly the way he wanted it done, he started building himself "a tailored to fit coffin." When Bert, who wrote articles for a magazine, got wind of what Harvey was engaged in doing, he wrote a rather whimsical article for a magazine about Harvey's do-it-yourself coffin. And further, he reported how Harvey had dug himself a grave in which his do-it-yourself coffin would rest. Concluding the article, Bert wrote:

The new academic year is in full swing at EKU, and we are delighted to have our newest Colonels join us on campus. One of my favorite traditions is the Colonel Walk. This is a new tradition where our incoming freshmen symbolically walk as a class through the Turner Gate during "Big E Welcome" week. This was the fourth year for this important milestone and it was the largest crowd yet. In addition to the dozens of faculty and staff who cheered the students on, this year we invited parents and loved ones to culminate a long day of moving into residence halls by joining us for the Colonel Walk.

Hilda wasn't the most feminine female. In fact, she looked so masculine that when she entered the ladies room in a movie theater, the ladies present panicked, and as if they had seen a mouse, began screaming -- over and over again -- "There's a man in the ladies room. There's a man in the ladies room." That caused Hilda to leave the ladies room -- and the movie theater -- as fast as she could.

While his daughter Betty Lou might have been beautiful, Horace was strongly against her marriage to Leroy because he was absolutely convinced that it wasn't her figure that Leroy found so alluring. That, rather, it was Horace's figure that Leroy found so attractive -- and they ran into millions and millions of dollars. Consequently, Horace wrote out a will in which he disinherited his daughter if she ever married Leroy, which in disregard of her father's wishes, that's exactly what she did.

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