On Tuesday, Nov. 5, Madison Countians from every imaginable walk of life will come together to exercise perhaps the most cherished right we enjoy as American citizens: our participation in free and open elections. On this occasion, we will choose our governor and other statewide Constitutional officers for the next four years.

One season of the HBO series "The Wire" includes a storyline based, albeit fictitiously, on the lives of the newsroom staff at the Baltimore Sun.

Nobody likes surprises and nobody likes surprises when it comes to medical bills. With the cost of insurance being enough as it is, it can be overwhelming for Kentuckians when an unexpected medical bill arrives for a service they thought was covered. Why does this happen? Often times the service that was provided was performed by a physician or facility that was out-of-network for their insurance plan. The complexity of multiple insurance companies, multiple medical services, and multiple patients can be beyond frustrating, it can be maddening.

Hubert was a tuba player who spent more time rapping his landlord than he spent wrapped in his instrument. In loud and uncertain terms, he repeatedly complained to his landlord that his apartment was overrun with crickets and he wanted something done about it. The result? The landlord repeatedly dispatched an exterminator to Hubert's apartment -- to dispatch the crickets -- to no avail. Hubert's complaint's continued as did his landlord's defense.

A poster attached to a wall inside the beautiful Mississippi Civil Rights Museum in Jackson, Mississippi provides a warning still relevant today.

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