Since pregnancy cannot be made retroactive, Daisy-Mae decided to play it safe and bought a contraceptive pill that was advertised as being "virtually 100% protection." Needless to say, shortly thereafter, 100% protected Daisy-Mae became pregnant. And, when she found it difficult to believe, the company that manufactured the pill had to believe it when Daisy-Mae sued the company for her having become heir-conditioned.

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In 2018, the General Assembly and Kentucky voters demonstrated their strong support for crime victims when they overwhelmingly adopted the Marsy's Law constitutional amendment. Their intent was as clear as their message: "you deserve better, we support you, and your voice matters". Victims were able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing they would finally be afforded the same level of constitutional protections as the accused and convicted.

At our core, Eastern Kentucky University is a teaching university. That is what our faculty does. We take great pride in the impact that teaching and learning make on our students' futures.

The old calendar may not hang on our wall anymore, but its last several days of December remain posted in our hearts. We’ll remember that period as one of peace and goodwill. Some of that goodwill was expressed through the giving and receiving of gifts.

Bill's relationship with his wife Alice could be told in three words -- matrimony, acrimony and alimony. After many years of wedded bliss, Alice suddenly decided to change her religion from that of Bill's religion. And, while it is said that faith can move mountains, Alice's new adopted faith only caused Bill to move out of his marital home. Angry at his wife's having changed her religion, he packed his bags and left Alice high and dry.

Seventy years ago, Lyman T. Johnson became the first African-American student enrolled at the University of Kentucky. He bravely opened doors that were closed to too many, for too long.

Harold would have been better off had he gotten his wings from God instead of the Civil Air Patrol. During a routine Civil Air Patrol flight, his plane's engine began to sputter and he had no choice but to make a forced landing over water. And, while he made a perfect three point landing, he would have been happier if he could have been able to switch his pilot's wings for a pair of water wings since, after treading water for three hours, he finally succumbed to Poseidon, God of the Sea. He drowned.

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