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Emily Estes applies lipstick to Alex Cox’s lips in preparation for his appearance in the Miss Relay 2006 contest at the Whitley County Relay for Life.

By Dean Manning/Staff Writer

After spending more than an hour getting his hair done, and getting his artificial nails painted bright red, Jed Pilant was slipping brown stockings onto his freshly shaved legs; he used duct tape to hold them up. Jessica Bailey plucked his eyebrows and applied his makeup. Because they couldn’t find any clip-on earrings, Bailey used a needle to pierce his ears, from which dangled the the cosmetic diamond teardrops. The black dress was on loan from Bailey, as was the strapless bra. The final piece to the look was a pair of size 10 black boots.

Pilant, along with co-workers Jay Gibson and Alex Cox, were three of the men who signed up to help raise money for the American Cancer Society by dressing up as women for the Miss Relay 2006.

Cox slipped into a size 15, peach, spaghetti-strap dress. Cox said he selected that particular dress after consulting with a number of women. With the black wig, he

“When I first picked it up, I thought is was a size 13,” Cox said. “I feel fat now.”

When the evening started, Cox sported a beard and mustache. It was the first thing to go as he started getting ready for the evening. However, once he put on his dress, his chest hair was very noticeable, but that was where he drew the line.

“I’m not shaving my chest,” Cox said adamantly.

Jay Gibson was the final member of the threesome who were transformed at Cox’s house. Gibson, who is 6’3” and surpasses 200 pounds, said it was hard finding something to fit him. In the end, he was sporting a red skirt and pink sleeveless top.

I just picked up something,” Gibson said of his choice of outfits.

Cox and Gibson said their looks would not be complete authentic.

“We are sticking to male attire for the undergarments,” Cox said.

In addition, Gibson could not find any women’s shoes to match his size 13 feet.

“The shoes were not happening nor was the panty hose,” Gibson said.

About 11:30, the men joined three others as they were paraded out onto the stage at the Relay for Life. In addition to setting up jars in which people deposited money to vote for their favorites, Gibson said he found out too late, that the women would be auctioned off for charity.

“If it were up to me, I would be out on the paylake fishing,” Gibson said. “I had a friend who said he would do it too, but when we showed up for our pictures, he wasn’t there. I got hornswoggled into it.”

Dean Manning can be reached at dmanning@thetimestribune.com.

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