CORBIN — Baptist Health Corbin, Bluegrass Care Navigators and Edward Jones — Beth Davis hosted the latest educational workshop in their Living in the New Norm series at the Corbin Public Library on Wednesday.

The month of March focused on resources available to those who have or care for individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, or could have symptoms of those diseases. Additionally, the importance of planning ahead financially was discussed and presented to those in attendance.

Provider Liaison Sarah Bowling of Bluegrass Care Navigators shared the details of a funded program for both the individual with dementia or Alzheimer’s and the caregiver giving care still independently in the home.

“There needs to be more help in the middle of the journey of dementia and Alzheimer’s — not just when someone is bedridden. I hope this program is a start,” Bowling said. “I am hopeful when they get all the data from this free limited program that the program will become permanent through Medicaid after they see the positive results.”

Currently this program is for a six-month period and is not based on income.

The program provided options in which Medicaid will pay for an individual to have someone meet in the home and provide monthly visits for burnout assessments for the caregiver and provide tools they may need to manage stress.

Additionally they provide safety risk assessments in the home to make sure the environment is safe and prevent future accidents in the home.

The program can also help an individual find resources needed to transition to different types of care if need be or outside resources like home-delivered meals and visits to the senior center to provide a community for those with the disease as well.

“We aim to decrease hospitalizations and ER visits. When you have another person and set of eyes in the home, you are able to catch things far before the patient would go to the ER,” Bowling said. “You are really able to look at the risk assessments and make sure they are safe, well taken care of and taking their medicine like they should be. What would have been a trip to the ER becomes a call to a nurse line.”

You can learn more about the project by calling 877-439-0262 or you can refer someone to this program by calling the same number. You do not have to be a medical professional to refer someone.

Part of planning ahead financially is putting in place long-time care plans in your investment plan for the future of both yourself and your spouse. Financial Advisor Beth Davis from Edward Jones shared what it means to know yourself and where you are at currently financially and where you plan on going.

“You have to set a goal but you have to understand the why it is so important and the why you want to attain the goal,” Davis said.

Part of setting goals is planning for the unexpected. Davis shared her expertise on the matter.

“Not preparing for the unexpected is what is going to cause you not to obtain the goal you have set before you,” Davis said. “Rarely life goes as planned.”

This is why things like having an emergency fund and having a will are so important.

“What is your operating expenses and can you plan ahead if your income was to be eliminated,” Davis continued.

This unexpected event could be a death, loss of job or even retirement.

“We have to plan ahead,” Davis explained.

More time in the market concerning investing was also highlighted. This means how young you are when you invest matters.

For more information on financial planning contact Beth Davis at 606-620-4580.

The next Living in the New Norm educational event will be on April 19 with details on the topic coming soon.

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