, Corbin, KY

June 29, 2010

Teens Making a Difference

The Times-Tribune

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Daniel and Derrick Phipps

By Laura Silvers

If you are under the assumption that there are no good kids left in this world, you must be looking in the wrong places. Twins Daniel and Derrick Phipps are outstanding young men who through service and leadership, work to spread the love of Christ with everyone they meet.

Daniel and Derrick are 19-year-old seniors at Knox Central High School. There, they are active leaders in their school’s First Priority Campus Club, a club designed to encourage and equip public school students to reach their peers for Christ.

The twins have been involved in First Priority since middle school, and have grown stronger as leaders each year. They both have spoken and played music in front of their peers as they led in meetings, assemblies and church services, in addition to visiting nursing homes.

“I think it’s great to have something similar to church inside the schools where Christians can gather and praise the Lord and be a group. Sometimes it’s hard to stand alone, but when you have a full body, it’s easier,” Derrick said about his involvement with First Priority. Daniel added, “It gives kids a way to share their faith at school.”

When they aren’t doing First Priority activities or working for the Census, the twins are extremely involved with North Main Community Church, where their father is pastor. There, the students play in the worship band, Derrick with the bass guitar and Daniel with the bongo drums. They also weekly assist in the church’s prayer room and door to door ministry.

Both students feel that God has already used them. “I think he’s used me to speak to kids. I’ve never done drugs. I’ve never touched alcohol. I’m 19-years-old, and never done any of that stuff. That’s a testimony to kids that you don’t have to do those things. I think God’s used me to just be a light for him, which it’s all him, it has nothing to do with me,” Derrick said. Daniel added, “God has led my life to do certain things. I know if I allow him, he’ll do even more.”

While Daniel and Derrick are not sure what the future holds, they agree that they will rely on God for direction. “I hope however he uses me, it’s his will. No matter what it is, even if it is big or small, I just want it to be directed by him,” Daniel said. Derrick explained, “I believe he’ll definitely use me some way in the ministry. Whatever his perfect will is, I just hope for my life, and I want to allow it to work within me.”