, Corbin, KY

December 16, 2009

Lots of stuff to ramble about this week

Les Dixon

Another week has past, and that means I’m ready to ramble. I’ve got a lot to talk about — let’s see, people are saying UK’s John Wall is the best freshman point guard since Magic Johnson, but that’s not all.

How about the Cincinnati Bengals? They sure didn’t look good against the Minnesota Vikings, did they?

John Calipari has his Wildcats off to an unbelievable start, which is bringing thoughts of an undefeated season in a lot of Kentucky fans’ minds.

So with that said, it’s time to ramble.

• John Wall being compared to Magic Johnson

A lot of people are saying UK’s “Great Wall” is the best freshman point guard since the “Magic Man” was manning the position for Michigan State in the late 70s.

Do I agree?

Well, hmm, let me think about it for a second. OK, I say win some more games first. It’s still early in the season right now.

Yes, Wall is the real deal, but he hasn’t went through the SEC schedule, SEC Tournament or the NCAA Tournament yet.

• Bengals turn into the Bungals

Boy, Cincinnati laid an egg this past week in Minnesota. Carson Palmer finished with an embarrassing 94 passing yards and that’s awful.

Chad Ochocinco continues to ramble on in Twitter world during the week, and it’s time for coach Marvin Lewis to wake up his players or they may not even make the playoffs.

All Cincinnati needs is a win, but who are the Bengals going to get that against? San Diego? No. They do have Kansas City at home, but who really knows about that game. And, then you have the season-ender at New York, and I don’t expect Cincinnati to win that game either. Don’t be surprised to see the Ravens win the division and the Bengals fail to reach the playoffs.

• Calipari has UK fans dreaming of a perfect season

Many UK fans I have talked to believe Kentucky is going to go perfect this season. That’s right — UNDEFEATED.

Well, it could happen, but it won’t. In all honesty, why would any team want to reach the NCAA Tournament unbeaten with all of the pressure in the world on your shoulders. I would rather be the team no one talks about.

Oh well, to each their own.