, Corbin, KY

February 26, 2013

Like it or Not

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — To some people in Southestern Kentucky, postseason high school basketball, more particularly the 13th Region Tournament, is way more exciting than Christmas morning and with good reason I suppose. A lot of times on Christmas morning, we've already figured out what we have under the tree from Santa or what our families have picked out for us because most of the time they ask us what we want.

With postseason basketball, while we are somewhat sure of how some of the pairings will play out thanks to the way the draw is executed, there are still some showdowns we find ourselves wishing for as basketball fans.

If you've followed the 13th Region this season, you know that any team is capable of beating any other team on any given night. Well, that didn't change on night one as Middlesboro knocked off Corbin in a shocker. The Redhounds put up a good fight, but Middlesboro was just too athletic for Corbin.

With the Redhounds and Barbourville Tigers out of the picture, one semifinal showdown is set and another will be determined tonight. So, who do I think will come out on top when it comes to the boys and girls side of things? I'm going to be nice to all parties involved and the only guessing I will do is on the daily picke'ems against my boss, Times-Tribune Sports Editor, Les Dixon. I have a history of being a jinx, so in an effort to keep from making anyone angry, I'll stick to the daily picks. This way, if I pick a team and they win, they'll be happy. If I pick a team and they lose, I won't have to see them again until next season, simple enough.

   Big games up next

Tonight's games should offer fans all the excitement they want and then some. I feel like South Laurel is playing as good as they have played all season and though some may feel like Harlan County got the luck of the draw, I beg to differ. Jeff Davis will have his team ready to play and though I expect the Cardinals to try and slow things down, the game will be a fun one to watch.

As for North Laurel, I have been as puzzled by the Jaguars as I have by any team this season. Coming in to the season, I felt like North Laurel was going to run all over every other team in the 13th Region, especially coming off its surprise run to Rupp Arena last season. Injuries and the day-to-day grind have been a lot to deal with for head coach Brad Sizemore, but he has gotten things together. With that said, Knox Central is playing as good as any team in the region. Hold on to your hat is all I can say about this game.