, Corbin, KY

October 10, 2013

Vandals strike Engineer Street Bridge

Halloween decorations damaged, city says they’ll prosecute if caught


CORBIN — By Jeff Noble / Staff Writer

The Halloween decorations in Downtown Corbin — as well as the Engineer Street Bridge and the gazebo off Laurel Avenue — have brought a festive feel to the city.

They’ve also brought out vandals who’ve damaged and stolen the decorations, and the City of Corbin says they’ve had enough of it.

One incident happened this past weekend when the Halloween decorations were vandalized at the historic Engineer Street Bridge.

The problem is those doing the crime were caught on camera.

“It occurred on Saturday night or Sunday on the bridge. They said they have some of the vandals doing the crime on camera, while they were on the Engineer Street Bridge. They were two men driving a gray pickup truck. We’re trying to find out who they are. We’re tired of this. They will be prosecuted,” Mayor Willard McBurney said.

Doug Price, head dispatcher for the Corbin Police Department, got a closer look at the surveillance video.

“The video I got today looked like two males driving a gray or white Ford Explorer, or a similar SUV. One subject in a light white shirt stole a pumpkin on the front display. A second subject with a red shirt and dark pants with a stripe on the side walked up on the gazebo, and took a smaller pumpkin while smoking a cigarette. The subjects then left in the SUV. We’re checking more videos out to get a closer look at them,” he said.

McBurney added city crews worked hard on the fall project, which have gotten positive comments from many residents and visitors.

The city’s Facebook page acknowledged that surveillance cameras have been placed on both the bridge and gazebo area.

The page also said anyone caught damaging the Halloween decorations on Main Street or around the gazebo or bridge area would be prosecuted.

If you’ve seen or know of vandalism of the decorations, call Corbin Police at 528-1122.