, Corbin, KY

August 29, 2013

Wildcats will host Campbell County, Tenn. Friday

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — By Chris Parsons / Staff Writer

The Lynn Camp Wildcats have spent the week licking their wounds after a 48-16 loss to Powell County in the 2013 Pioneer Bowl at Knox Central High School that put the team at 0-1.

It looked like the two teams would trade scores from the early stages on, but the Wildcat offense couldn't keep up the pace as Phil Russell's team lost steam early.

Russell said after that loss he didn't feel like his team was in the kind of physical shape it needed to be in to face a team like Powell County.

The bad news for Russell and company is that things aren't getting any easier this week as the Wildcats face Campbell County, Tenn.

In the home opener at Lynn Camp's Mitchell Field, Russell said he knows what he's up against, but is hopeful the team will be better after the game whether the Wildcats win or lose.

“We had our first full practice today and we went back to some basic things,” Russell said. “We didn't block very well so we used that to show our kids the difference in things.

“There were several plays where if our kids blocked the guy they were supposed to block, the play would have been entirely different as far as the outcome,” he added. “They gashed us with that belly, but I still like our scheme even though we've made some changes.”

Russell said Campbell County is large school that travels well and that he compared it to a situation where a larger Division I school would travel to play a much smaller division team.

“It is what it is though,” Russell said. “They're going to come in here and expect to beat us up and make quick work of us.

“We're not afraid of them though because we're going to line up 11 players at a time and see what we can do,” he added. “We're going to come in here and play football as hard as we can and see what happens.”