, Corbin, KY

March 17, 2014

Who's it gonna be?

Rumors abound as Corbin's search for a head coach gets started, Corbin, KY

CORBIN — Here we go again!

That’s right, for the third time this football postseason, a local team is now on the hunt for a new head football coach.

South Laurel and Whitley County have already named new coaches in Hunter Smith and Jason Chappell, respectively, now it’s time for the Corbin Redhounds to start the search.

After Steve Jewell was tabbed as the new assistant principal at Corbin High School, it opened the head coaching spot at Corbin for the first time in 15 years.

As expected, the process has begun, but it may be a case of sooner than later according to Corbin High School Athletics Director, Thom Smith.

Smith said Friday that while a lot of jobs require a 30-day posting period, it may be a case based on the successful applicant’s qualifications where the position could be filled sooner than the 30-day time frame.

One thing Smith did confirm is that this search is without a doubt the highest profile spot he’s had to fill in his two-year tenure in the position he holds at this point.

“When coach (Jennifer) Parsons stepped down and we has to fill that position, it was a pretty high profile opening,” Smith said. “This is a little more high-profile than that position and I expect the interest to be very high when it comes to applicants for the job.

“It’s a situation which I, nor Mr. (John) Crawford, have been in before, so we’ll just have to take it as it comes and see what happens,” he added.

I’ve included a few quotes in this editorial, but the fact is what I’m about to write is strictly my opinion and in no way should be taken as the truth. The names I’m about to mention have been in the proverbial conversation since the subject of Jewell’s exit became a topic of conversation. A few names I’ve heard brought up recently are guys like Brent Jackson, Mike Jackson, Greg Duncum, Steve Bird, Jody Mouser and of course, Dudley Hilton.

Are any of the guys mentioned above good fits for the Corbin program? Most definitely.

Will one of them be the next head coach at Corbin High School? If my track record in this matter has anything to do with it, probably not.

When the spot at Whitley County became vacant I mentioned a few names that had been passed around and it was a curve ball (although a good decision) when they hired Jason Chappell.

I’m not ready to commit to either of these guys as far as getting the job, but any of the seven would be quality hires. Stay tuned, it should be fun!