, Corbin, KY

March 26, 2013

Brackets, the weather and other ramblings

Like It or Not

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN —  - Chris Parsons

I’ve got a million things I could ramble on about today, but I only have room a for a few of them in the space allotted, so here goes.

•My bracket

I have to admit that my NCAA Tournament bracket wasn’t looking too awful bad once the first round of action was over Friday evening. Despite a few final scores that a lot of people probably missed, I felt pretty good about my position.

Heading into Sunday I was still in the top five out of 55, but as my luck usually goes when it comes to my making sports predictions, things took a turn for the worst.

I could have taken over first place if Ole Miss would have picked up the win, but I guess that’s what I get for picking an SEC team.

The good news is that all but one of my Elite Eight teams is still in the tournament and all of my Final Four teams are still alive as well. Whether that will help me in the long run remains to be seen. For the record, I have Florida and Louisville facing off in the finals of the NCAA Tournament in both of the brackets that I filled out.

What that tells you is that you can pretty much guarantee that a UofL/Florida showdown will not happen since I’ve predicted it.

Either way, I think the Cardinals are playing the best basketball they have played all season and this confirms something I’ve thought all along, that Rick Pitino is a coaching magician.

Can you imagine if the University of Kentucky could convince Pitino to come back and coach the Wildcats, while keeping John Calipari as a co-head coach and lead recruiter? Now that would be a sight to see!

•Spring weather

If anyone spots spring, please tell him or her that we are issuing an all points bulletin for its whereabouts.

I know we have had some rainy starts to the high school baseball and softball seasons in the past, but I honestly can’t remember a colder start than this year.

During a game last week, it was close to freezing and snowflakes were flying during a game. If you ask me, that’s a little too cold to play baseball in.

I can understand if there was something important on the line for these games, but there wasn’t.

When it comes to cancelling or postponing these games, I’m not sure I understand that reasoning that coaches use when considering deciding to play or not. A lot of times I feel like the coaches get caught up in the fact that they don’t want to be the coach that cancelled the game.

Most times, if one coach cancels, most of the others are going to follow suit and call their respective game off. That way they can say “I only did it because coach so and so cancelled.”

Just a hint, if it’s too cold for a newspaper photographer to sneak his hands out of his pocket for a few seconds at a time to snap a photo, it's too cold to play baseball or softball. Add to the fact that a lot of the bats used are not designed to be used under a certain temperature and you’ve got yourself a reason to cancel a game in the cold weather.

•Activities for kids

I’m not 100 percent clear on the details, but I’ve been made aware of a program starting soon at the Baptist Family Fitness Center that will center around the physical fitness of young children. I think this is a great idea for several reasons, the most obvious of the rising rate of obesity in children (and adults) across our country.

With so many alternatives to physical activity, kids are not interested in exercise or the effects of not being in shape. I’ll be the first to admit that I enjoy a good book or playing some video games and there’s nothing wrong with that, but kids need to be active.

I’m told that the program will consist of numerous options for kids to choose from and will range from things like cross-fit training, yoga classes, Zumba, water exercises and more.

I speak from experience when I tell you that the program is being handled by a very capable person who is genuinely concerned about the well being of children in Sheralynn Duncum.

My wife and I recently enrolled our daughter in swimming lessons under Sheralynn and her goal was to be swimming by the time she had a pool party for her birthday in February. Needless to say, she reached her goal in fine fashion and honestly, she’s now a better swimmer than I am. We’ll keep you posted on the program details.