, Corbin, KY

March 22, 2013

North Laurel keeps perfect record intact

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — By Les Dixon / Sports Editor

NORTH LAUREL — The North Laurel Jaguar and Lady Jaguar tennis teams  opened the season with wins by defeating Oneida Baptist on Tuesday while the Jaguars knocked off Bell County Wednesday.

The Jaguars won their match against the Mountaineers with ease, 8-1, while the Lady Jaguars cruised to an easy 9-0 victory.

“A great start to the season for the girls,” North Laurel coach Bob Smith said. “(Anna) Davidson is one of the top girls from the 14th Region and Pooja (Kanthawar) won fairly handily. They've played a few times before, and most of the matches have been close. I was happy for Casey (Stenger) in getting us a win at No. 6. She's one of several that will have a chance to play at No. 6 this season. All of the girls contributed to the win and we were able to start off the season on the right track.

“It was also a great start to the season for the boys,” he added. “Oneida won the 14th Region last year and they returned their top players. We won 8-1, but it was a lot closer than that. Several close matches could have reversed the outcome.  A big plus for us was that we were able to win all five of the ‘close’ matches (No. 2, No. 3, and No. 4 singles and No. 1 and No. 2 doubles). This is one of Oneida's better teams over the years, so we're very happy to notch a win over them.”

North Laurel continued to roll during Wednesday’s match with Bell County. The Jaguars captured an easy 9-0 win over the Bobcats.

“The boys won with relative ease on the road,” Smith said. “Bell was missing one of their top guys, but we all played fairly well in getting the win.  Our doubles teams played pretty solidly. I was happy for Ryan (Jones) and Gavin (Gray) in getting a convincing win after first-match jitters the night before.

Tuesday’s Match


North Laurel 9, Oneida 0


No. 1 Pooja Kanthawar (NL) def. Anna Davidson (O), 8-2

No. 2 Kendra Smallwood (NL) def. Maria Stamatis (O), 8-0

No. 3 Caroline Moore (NL) def. Nirina Walters (O), 8-0

No. 4 Brynna Ryle (NL) def. Mianna Baker (O), 8-0

No. 5 Makara Prichard (NL) def. Taylor Cochran (O), 6-2

No. 6 Casey Stenger (NL) def. Mana Tanajantaporn (O), 6-1


No. 1 Kanthawar/Moore (NL) def. Davidson/Stamatis (O), 8-3

No. 2 Smallwood/Ryle (NL) def. Walters/Baker (O), 8-0

No. 3 Prichard/Taylor Hubbard (NL) def. Cochran/Tanajantaporn (O), 6-0


North Laurel 8, Oneida 1


No. 1 Arjun Kanthawar (NL) def. Kim Barnabas (O), 8-0

No. 2 Spencer Bolton (NL) def. Isaac Waslewski (O), 8-4

No. 3 Dakota Boggs (NL) def. Jin Woo Jeong (O), 8-5

No. 4 Sammy Maggard (NL) def. Luke White (O), 8-5

No. 5 Justin Maggard (NL) def. Joshua Souane (O), 6-2

No. 6 Hasan Salim (NL) def. Mickey Nateesuwan (O), 6-1


No. 1 Bolton/Davidson (NL) def. Jeong/White (O), 8-6

No. 2 Boggs/Maggard (NL) def. Barnabas/Waslewski (O) ,9-8

No. 3 Donald Chick/Aaron Grinnell (O) def. Ryan Jones/Gavin Gray (NL), 8-2

Wednesday’s Match


North Laurel 9, Bell Co. 0


No. 1 Arjun Kanthawar (NL) def. Ben Barnett (BC), 8-1

No. 2 Spencer Bolton (NL) def. Adam Miller (BC), 8-1

No. 3 Dakota Boggs (NL) def. Devon Moyers (BC), 8-0

No. 4 Sammy Maggard (NL) won by default

No. 5 Justin Maggard (NL) def. Hunter Collett (BC), 8-0

No. 6 Hasan Salim (NL) def Jacob Sutton (BC), 8-0


No. 1 Bolton/J. Maggard (NL) def. Barnett/Moyers (BC), 8-1

No. 2 Boggs/S. Maggard (NL) def. Miller/Mark Calloway (BC), 8-2

No. 3 Ryan Jones/Gavin Gray (NL) def. Collett/Sutton (BC), 8-0