, Corbin, KY

April 24, 2014

Tri-County Wrap-Up

Corbin, North Laurel and Whitley County Tennis Teams turn in solid results.

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — By Les Dixon / Staff Writer

Whitley County

The Whitley County Colonel tennis team picked up a win over Clay County, but the Lady Colonels dropped their match with the Lady Tigers this past week.

“Because of an unfortunate incident, two of their players were absent on the boys’ side,” Whitley County coach Colby Wilson said.

“We enjoyed fairly close matches the entire day at Clay. Christian Tan played very well in a big match against Brit Bowling, one of the top players in the region. Bowling tried several different (good) tactics to throw Tan off of his game, but he was able to take the victory in two sets 6-2, 6-4. We only had one loss in the actual matches that were played so we are very proud of the Colonels’ performance.”

Despite the loss on the girls’ side, Wilson said he saw a lot of positives come out of the win.

“Clay County’s girls proved to be too experienced,” he admitted. “Anna Grace Zehr pulled a big win for us over Bailey Hubbard, winning 8-4. She is playing exceptionally well in the past few matches. This gave us an opportunity to look at how we would perform with one of the stronger teams in the region and overall, despite the loss, we played well. I think with a few changes and working on some small improvements we will be a competitive force by the Regional Tournament.

The Colonels also played a match Harlan County earlier in the week, tying the Black Bears, 2-2, while the Lady Colonels won, 3-2.

“Our girls performed very well in both singles and doubles against Harlan County,” Wilson said. “Hailey Pool and Emily Vanderpool both moved up to play No. 1 and No. 2 singles for us from the 5/6 positions. Emily suffered an ankle injury in the third game of the match and was forced to retire. She will be out for the next couple of matches to heal completely. Lexi Hamblin came through for us on the singles side topping Ashley Whitehead 8-4. Our doubles team had a very solid day winning both matches with ease.”

Corbin Lady Redhounds

Donnie Head’s Corbin Lady Redhounds continue to dominate on the hard courts, knocking off Clay County in fine fashion, 9-0, to improve to 13-3 on the season. The Lady Redhounds also had wins over North Laurel and Middlesboro this past week.

“Our No. 1 doubles got a good scare from a good Clay County doubles team, but settled down in the third set and took car of business,” Head said. “Clay County, I think, is the second best team in the region. I think we have to be the favorite now.”


No. 1 (C) Sydney Ledington def. Rachel Harmon, 6-2, 6-0

No. 2 (C) Caroline Reedy def. Bailey Hubbard, 8-1

No. 3 (C) Jaclyn Jewell def. Mindi Bowling, 8-0

No. 4 (C) Ellie Jane Carloftis def. Morgan Dubbels, 8-2

No. 5 (C) Emma Kate Carloftis def. Breanna Cornett, 8-0

No. 6 (C) Casie McBurney def. Kaley Miller, 8-5


No. 1 (C) Jewell/Carloftis def Bowling/Dubbels, 6-1, 3-6, 6-1

No. 2 (C) Makayla Beecham/EJ Carloftis def. Miller/Cornett, 8-3

No. 3 (C) Cassidy Green/ Emma McGraw def. Hubbard/Olivia Robinson, 8-4

Corbin Redhounds

 The Corbin Redhound tennis team picked up a big win over Middlesboro by winning in match play, 8-1.

Coach Nickie Dixon was pleased with the way her team played in both singles and doubles action.

“Great win for our team today,” Dixon said. “Middlesboro is a tough opponent. Harrison (Reedy) and Connor (Maguet) played great singles today. When Harrison is serving well he is hard to beat. Connor continues to impress me. He doesn't have a lot of weakness in his singles game and it shows in his scores.

“In doubles, we lost a tough match at the number one spot,” she added. “Middlesborro will likely be a two seed behind Seth (Heinss) and William (Reedy). Andrew (Reedy) and Nikhil (Krishna) showed they will be tough to beat in region. Overall, I was very proud of my team's effort tonight. Their hard work continues to show.”

Corbin 8, Middlesboro 1


No. 1 Harrison Reedy (C) def. Micah Robbins (M), 8-4                                                                       

No. 2 Connor Maguet (C) def. Owen Collins (M), 8-0                                                                         

No. 3 Seth Heinss (C) def. Joe Nagle (M), 8-1                                                                                        

No. 4 William Reedy (C) def. Christoff Naylor (M), 8-1                                                                      

No. 5 Brady Keith (C) def. Jacob Voges (M), 8-2                                                                                  

No. 6 Seth Evans (C) def. JJ Jones (M), 8-2                                                                                         



No. 1 Andrew Reedy/Nikhil Krishna (C) lost to M. Robbins/O.Collins (M), 6-2, 7-5                            

No. 2 S. Heinss/W. Reedy (C) def. J. Nagle/C. Naylor (M), 8-0                                                          

No. 3 B. Keith/S. Evans (C)  def. J. Voges/J. Jones (M), 8-2                                                                  

North Laurel

The North Laurel Jaguar tennis team managed to pick up a 9-0 win over Clay County, but the Lady Jaguars weren’t as fortunate, losing to the Lady Tigers, 7-2.

“We were shorthanded for this match only having four girls available, but we had a couple of really good results,” North Laurel coach Bob Smith said. “Pooja (Kanthawar) had a really good day. She got an important win in singles to pad her resume for a high seed at regionals. And she and Makara (Prichard) played well in beating one of the top doubles teams in the region.”


Clay Co. 7, North Laurel 2


No. 1 - Pooja Kanthawar (NL) def. Bailey Hubbard (CC) 6-2, 6-0

No. 2 - Rachyl Harmon (CC) def. Makara Prichard (NL) 8-0

No. 3 - Mindi Bowling (CC) def. Ifrah Hammad (NL) 8-0

No. 4 - Rayanna Baker (CC) def. Elizabeth Budderberg (NL) 8-0



No. 1 - Kanthawar/Prichard (NL) def. Bowling/Morgan Dubbels (CC) 9-7



North Laurel 9, Clay Co. 0


No. 1 - Arjun Kanthawar (NL) def. Brit Bowling (CC) 6-3, 6-3

No. 2 - Hasan Salim (NL) def. Zach Grigsby (CC) 8-4

No. 3 - Gavin Gray (NL) def. Jordan Jackson (CC) 8-0



No. 1 - Sammy Maggard/Dakota Boggs (NL) def. Bowling/Grigsby (CC) 9-7