, Corbin, KY

March 12, 2014

Another tourney in the books

The Way It Is, Corbin, KY

CORBIN — Well folks, we have another 13th Region Tournament in the books and I have to say, both the boys and the girls tournaments lived up to their billing.

The 2013-14 season on both the boys’ and girls’ side of things was wild and wacky to say the least. It was a hard year to figure out and a very hard season to make predictions.

Yes, I was able to look pretty good on both tournaments this past week, but honestly, it was probably pure luck.

Well, enough of me rambling, let’s take a closer look at how the 13th Region Tournament went as a whole.

The Host

Jackson County High School was the host and overall, they were a good host. There were some things I would have done differently on press row, though. In years past, the print and radio were separated, one on one side of the tables, and the other on the other side, and each media outlet was designed a certain area to sit at the tables. Well, the radio stations had designated areas while the print media were left to get what was left. Sports Editor Chris Parsons did manage to print off some sheets for us, which designated us with two assigned seats throughout the tournament, which I was very thankful for. I’m also thankful for Jackson County allowing us to use all of our sports staff at the tournament as well.

Hopefully next year Williamsburg High School will go back to what North Laurel and Whitley County High Schools did before, and designate each media outlet a place to sit at.

Other than that minor problem (I’m probably being nit-picky), Jackson County was a great host.

The Arena

Both the boys and girls 13th Region Tournaments will be at The Arena the next two years with Williamsburg hosting next season and Lynn Camp hosting the year after. I’ve always liked the tournaments held at The Arena and I liked it again this year, but I do miss the high school gym atmosphere. I’d still love to find a way to get the student sections closer to the floor so they can be heard a bit better. With that said, The Arena was probably the loudest I’ve heard it during a 13th Region Tournament during the boys final between Clay County and Corbin. The pre-game introductions is the best around and nothing compares. Kudos goes out to the folks at The Arena.

The games

After seeing both tournaments now come to an end, I can honestly say, the best girls team won and the best boys team won as well.

The Corbin Lady Redhounds showed they were the best team in the region by dominating their opponents. I was surprised they beat Bell County, but I shouldn’t have been. The Lady Redhounds were just that good.

And on the boys’ side, the Clay County Tigers played their best basketball of the season. They shared the ball and they played defense. When the Tigers do that, they are hard to beat.

With that said, kudos goes out to the Corbin Redhounds as well. Many counted the Redhounds out after slumping through a five-game losing skid during late January.

Corbin recovered and turned in an impressive showing in the 13th Region Tournament. Coach Tony Pietrowski also showed that he’s one of the best coaches in the state after turning in another solid season with the Redhounds.

What’s to come?

Well, I’m not sure if Clay County can win its first round match at the Sweet Sixteen, but I do believe the Lady Redhounds could be playing on Saturday. That’s right. Saturday.