, Corbin, KY

March 11, 2014

Like It or Not

Chris Parsons, Corbin, KY

CORBIN — I know we are smack dab in the middle of the basketball postseason, but the story to my left is a little bit too big of a deal to let wait until after the region tournament.

First I want to remind everyone who broke the news of Steve Jewell’s stepping down to take over as assistant principal at Corbin High School.

I know it’s never nice to brag, but the bottom line in this business is that if you aren’t leading, you’re most likely following somebody. Thanks to the continuous effort of our sports staff, we don’t have to follow too often, which was the case when the news of Jewell’s departure surfaced.

First of all, I know Jewell’s tenure at Corbin wasn’t always roses and sunshine, but a 141-55 record cannot be disputed. The Redhounds made five trips to the state semifinals and advanced to the state championship game in 2002. Only once in 15 years did the Redhounds post a losing record and one other time they finished 6-6. Nine of Corbin’s 15 seasons under Jewell were 10-win seasons. There are coaches in the Tri-County who would give their left, and maybe their right arm as well, to be able to post a resume like that.

Have I always agreed with coach Jewell or seen eye-to-eye with him? No, but that can go way back to the days that he taught (or tried to teach) me in class. He’s put a lot of effort into the program and like him or not, that earns him some respect.

The best news for anybody is that as much as Jewell cares about football and the Redhound athletics program, he cares even more about education and the future of the students roaming the halls at CHS.

The naysayers and second guessers can argue until they're blue in the face about what Jewell has or hasn’t done on the football field, but there is no disputing what he’s been able to do in the classroom. If you ask the majority of people in Corbin’s school system, I would be willing to bet that Jewell is at or near the top on most of their lists as the best teacher in the whole system.

Now the real fun begins, which is the search for a new head coach of the Corbin Redhounds football team.

WIth numerous names already floating around like smoke at a cigar shop, this should be a fun ride.