, Corbin, KY

March 22, 2013

Redhounds roll

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — By Les Dixon / Sports Editor

DANVILLE — Cold temperatures didn’t stop the Corbin Redhounds from picking up an easy 8-1 win over Danville.

The Redhounds swept singles action by winning all six matches before going 2-1 in doubles play.

“I was proud of the effort my players showed today,” Corbin coach Nickie Dixon said. “We showed up to Danville and it was 30 degrees outside. We haven't played in that type of cold this season yet. However, they didn't let it bother them.

“We had some really great matches today,” she added. “I was impressed with Andrew Reedy who went out on the court and won his match easily at 8-0. Connor Maguet continues to impress me with his singles play. He is turning into a great singles player. Andrew Bingham is continuing to improve match by match. He is one of our youngest players. He won a close match in a tiebreak and that shows me he is willing to fight out his matches.  In doubles I was impressed with Josh (Jewell) and Seth (Heinss). They are really starting to come together as a doubles team again this year. They are serving well and attacking net when they should. Harrison (Reedy) and William (Reedy) played great doubles today, too. We have been telling the boys since the beginning of our practices to make sure they are setting up their points. It is great to see these guys thinking a shot ahead to set up their points.” 


Corbin 8, Danville 1


No. 1 Connor Maguet (CO) def. Sam Nelson (D), 8-0

No. 2 Seth Heinss (CO) def. Michael Greys (D), 8-1

No. 3 Harrison Reedy (CO) def. Michael McChesney (D), 8-1

No. 4 William Reedy (CO) def. (CO) Josh Joiner (D), 8-6

No. 5 Andrew Reedy (CO) def. Jacob Rankin (D), 8-0

No. 6 Andrew Bingham (CO) def. Konnor Hill (D), 9-8


No. 1 S. Heinss/Josh Jewell (CO) def. S. Nelson/J. Joiner (D), 8-2

No. 2 W.Reedy/H. Reedy (CO) def. M. Greys/M. McChesney (D), 8-1

No. 3 Zane Maguet/Drew (CO) lost to J. Rankin/K. Hill (D), 8-1