, Corbin, KY

October 30, 2012

Despite 29-0 loss to Belfry, Jackson pleased with season

The Times-Tribune


By Chris Parsons / Staff Parsons

The Corbin Middle School Football team ran into a brick wall Saturday in the form of Belfry Middle School.

Brent Jackson’s squad dropped a 29-0 decision in the Kentucky Middle School Football Association playoffs, ending the 2012 season for the young Redhounds.

Jackson said the loss was just the second for that particular team, giving them a 12-2 overall record and 20-2 record if you include last year.

Neither team was able to get things going in the early stages of the game, but Belfry managed to grab an 8-0 lead at halftime. Jackson said Belfry’s size and physicality caught his team off guard.

“Belfry was just a big, physical, hard-nosed football team,” Jackson said. “They did to us what we usually do to people we play against in the physicality part of the game.

“We usually control the line of scrimmage and move teams where we want to move them,” he added. “I think it kind of caught our kids off guard and kept them from really getting into their rhythm.”

After trailing heading into the second half, Corbin was never able to mount any offense. While he said he wasn’t making excuses, Jackson said the weather may have played a factor in his team’s performance.

“We always use our running game to kind of open things up, but they did a good job of stopping the run,” Jackson said. “We went to the passing game and tried to get things going, but it was pretty wet out and I think that played a part in it.

“When it comes down to it, I think we were just overmatched,” Jackson said. “They were a really good team and they just beat us.”

In the end, Jackson said he was pleased with his team, coaches included, and commended them for the constant effort over the course of the past two years.

“This is just an awesome group of young men and I really can’t say enough about them because they have done everything that we have asked them to do,” Jackson said. “They fought all the way to the end, even in this game, and they really don’t have an ounce of quit in them.”

“Also, my coaches are probably top notch at every position and they do it the right way,” Jackson said. “From Jeff Barnett, Tim Massengil, Jared Martin and Jeremy Hart, they all just do things the right way and really invest in these kids while we have them.”