, Corbin, KY

January 18, 2013

Group Effort

Parsons pleased with the way her team has responded so far this season.

The Times-Tribune


By Chris Parsons / Staff Writer

As the high school basketball season approaches the home stretch, Corbin Lady Redhounds’ head coach Jennifer Parsons said she feels like her team is in a good spot.

Parsons’ squad is coming off its toughest three-game stretch of the season during which it played three teams ranked in the state’s top 25.

In that stretch, Corbin fell to No. 22 Whitley County on the road (76-67), and beat No. 17 Assumption (54-44) and No. 16 Clay County (57-56).

After the two wins, Corbin sits at 14-7 on the season and Parsons thinks her team has progressed the way she expected. With that said, she knows there is much more work to be done.

“Coming into the season, I felt like we had potential to be a good team and our schedule shows we’ve played some tough teams,” Parsons said. “I think by playing some of those teams we have given ourselves an opportunity to grow and find out some of our weaknesses as a team.

“Even though we took some hits early on, we have gotten better,” she added. “With the group of girls we have, they are eager to improve and they are always looking at what they didn’t do well, as opposed to being satisfied when they win a big game.”

While the Lady Redhounds have seen the workload passed around all season with no one or two players standing above the crowd Parsons said she feels like that characteristic is just one more way her squad has shown what can be achieved when the game of basketball is approached from a team concept.  

Miranda Wilson leads the way with 13.1 points per game, while Kayla Wilson has scored 11.3 ppg, but after the Wilson twins, there are six other Lady Redhound players averaging at least four ppg, but none over 6.3 ppg.

Parsons said having a team full of players who are constantly willing to improve and do what it takes to get a win means more than having a team full of superstars to her.

“I would much rather have kids that are coachable than to have players that come out every game, put up their points and be done,” she said. “When kids want to be coached, it shows that they are buying into the team effort and I think that’s what I have in this team.

“When I look at our win over Clay County on Monday night, I can look at all the players that were in the game in the last four minutes and point to a play that each one of them made that made a difference in the game,” she added. “When you have players on the floor that make a difference every time they are on the floor, it shows that you have kids that want to win and they’re going to do whatever it takes to do it.”

Despite the fact her team is playing well right now and is coming off two of the biggest regular season wins the program has had in a long time, Parsons said she feels like her team is still grounded and focused on the task at hand — playing deep into the postseason.

“I’m really happy with the way we are playing and the girls know that, but they also know where we stand,” Parsons said. “After the wins over Clay County and Assumption, I told them that those were good regular season wins, because that’s all that they are. They don’t mean anything in the grand scheme.

“We’ve moved on and we’re preparing for our next game, just like we prepared for those games and just like we prepare for every game,” she added. “Hopefully we can keep playing well and close the season out on a high note and carry that momentum into the postseason.”