, Corbin, KY

April 16, 2012

Whitley Wells-Bird, Erin Hammond present Senior Art Exhibit at UC

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — Special to the Times-Tribune

University of the Cumberlands seniors Whitley Wells-Bird and Erin Hammond opened their art show on Monday, April 2, in the J.M. Boswell Art Gallery on UC’s Campus. A reception was held that night, as both of the artist’s were available to greet guests and answer questions about their works. Their works were open to the public through April 6.

Wells-Bird’s most recent series of works were painted on canvas and they varied in size and vibrancy, focusing on views of the ocean and of clouds. Many of her works depict imaginary landscapes that make the viewer feel as if they are alone in her imaginary world.

“My paintings have a very lonely air about them,” says Wells-Bird. “I enjoy happier music and art, but when I perform or paint, I feel more comfortable conveying emotions that are sad.”

Hammond’s works showcased many mono-prints and sculptures created from plaster and glass. Her favorite piece was a very colorful sculpture that consisted of a small chair and glass. Organic nature becomes the subject and inspiration for many of Hammond’s sculptures and prints. While she begins with a very organic form, Hammond’s final product is one that is highly abstracted causing the viewer to contemplate the happenings within the piece.

“The main key is the abstraction process,” says Hammond. “It produces an unrestricted meaning that the form is more important than the reality of the object.”

Whitley and Erin are both senior art majors. Whitley is now living in Williamsburg while Erin is a native of Barbourville.