, Corbin, KY

December 16, 2011

Former student gives $100 each to East Bernstadt fourth graders

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — By Carl Keith Greene/Staff Writer

Principal James Meding introduced fourth graders at East Bernstadt School to “The Santa who doesn’t want to be known.”

And from that Santa Claus, each fourth grade student was given a $100 bill Thursday.

Meding continued, “He was a former student here. And he decided to give a gift to all fourth graders because he showed how he appreciates the school and he appreciates you and wants to encourage you very hard.”

He told the students that the unknown Santa wants to share his success with them.

Superintendent Homer Radford told the students, “This gentleman is a gentleman who is very successful in business.”

He added that the former student appreciates the school and the community. “His philosophy has always been, ‘You get a good foundation and a good education. Work hard, mind your teacher, study, learn to read, do math, writing, spelling, language. All of your subjects.’ Take that good foundation of education along with hard work and be anything you want to be.”

Radford said of the $100, “You can spend it anyway you like to spend it.”

This year there were 72 fourth graders who got the gift. For the past 17 years the students have gotten the gift.

“He has given well over $100,000,” Radford told the students.

“Sometime between now and next Monday I’d like you to write a letter.” It’s to be a thank you letter to the unknown Santa for the gift, Meding said. “Tell him how much you appreciate it and how you are going to use it.”

“I will personally see that the person who gave the money will get the letters,” Radford said.