, Corbin, KY

February 21, 2012

Lynn Camp DECA excels at regional competition, Corbin, KY

CORBIN — Special to the Times-Tribune

Members of Lynn Camp’s DECA chapter were all winners at their regional competition held Jan. 25 at the University of Kentucky student center.

All 29 students that competed placed in their respective categories and qualified for state competition to be held at the Galt House in Louisville, March 11-13.

Most notably from the competition, two students, Fred Slusher and Amanda Bowman, received exceptionally high scores getting 93 out of 100 on their role-play team event. One of the judges said “these students performed exceptionally well for their first time in a DECA competition and are not just state worthy they are ready for nationals in Salt Lake City.”

At the opening ceremony, DECA treated participants to a very surprising opening. Three state officers opened up dancing to the popular song “Party Rock Anthem.” Later they also had a special “minute to win it” competition between all DECA chapters in which the participants from each chapter did various activities such as a scavenger hunt, pencil toss and an Oreo race.

During the opening ceremony, the Lynn Camp DECA chapter received a second place award for largest regional chapter membership and a third place largest regional chapter increase.

Below is a list of each student’s category and placement in their category:

1st-Bowman, Amanda — Sophomore-Business Law & Ethics Team

1st-Slusher, Fred — Sophomore-Business Law & Ethics Team

1st-Wilson, Heather — Sophomore-Quick Serve Restaurant Management

1st-Clark, Kyle — Senior-Sports & Entertain Marketing

1st-Simmons, Wade — Sophomore-Principles of Marketing

1st-Karr, Nick — Senior-Sports & Entertain Marketing Team

1st-Owens, Damon — Senior-Sports & Entertain Marketing Team

1st-Decker, Bethany — Senior-Business Services Marketing

1st-Mills, Morgan — Junior-KY Retailing Concepts

1st-Girdner, Derrick — Junior-Automotive Service Marketing

1st-Mullins, Kayla — Sophomore-Principles of Hospitality

2nd-Duncum, Kaylee — Junior-Quick Serve Restaurant Management

2nd-Sparks, Jonah — Senior-Sports & Entertain Marketing Team

2nd-Duncum, Samantha J — Sophomore-Principles of Marketing

2nd-Hubbard, Tyler — Senior-Sports & Entertain Marketing Team

2nd-Ballard, Thomas — Senior-Restaurant & Food Service Management

2nd-Woolum, Christian — Senior-Food Marketing

2nd-Sizemore, Miranda — Senior-Business Services Marketing

2nd-Lockhart, Kibra — Sophomore-KY Retailing Concepts

3rd-Webb, Jessica — Senior-Restaurant & Food Service Management

3rd-Couch, Shawn — Senior-Sports & Entertain Marketing

3rd-Dixon, Denny — Sophomore-Retail Merchandising

3rd-Medlin, Trenton — Sophomore-Food Marketing

3rd-Branum, Samantha — Junior-Apparel & Accessories Marketing

4th-May, Valerie — Junior-Retail Merchandising

4th-Garland, Zack — Senior-Marketing Management

4th-Medlin, Hunter — Senior-Food Marketing

5th-Hall, Destiney — Sophomore-Apparel & Accessories Marketing

5th-Mitchell, Ashley — Junior-Retail Merchandising