Burger Week

CORBIN — Get your taste buds ready.

Burger Week officially begins Monday in Corbin, where guests can sample some of the best and most creative burgers Corbin has to offer.

"The whole week, each participating restaurant makes their own speciality burger," said Corbin Tourism Director Maggy Kriebel. "It's a burger not typically on their menu and they come up with some type of delicious creation for the burger and they offer it that week only for $5 a burger."

This year, there will be seven restaurants participating. While the majority of the restaurants are downtown, two of the participating restaurants are located on the Cumberland Falls Highway.

"Burger Week is limited to locally owned, small business restaurants," said Kriebel. "So, no franchises, no corporate restaurants because the week is about celebrating local food."

Kriebel said Burger Week is designed for tourists and citizens alike.

"It's an opportunity for tourists and citizens both to get out and visit some of the restaurants they may have never been to before and try something they've never had before," she said.

Burger Week helps to boost the economy by bringing in tourists.  

"This was designed to assist in stimulating the local economy, as well as bring attention to some of our small businesses," said Kriebel. "It's an event that we can promote to tourists that are thinking about coming to our area, so it might be in part a selling point. It gives people something to do while they're in town visiting us."

Kriebel said it also helps the local restaurants.

"It's a good economic boost for the restaurants, but it's also a way for the restaurants to promote themselves or be exposed to new customers," she said.

The third annual Burger Week is also bringing some changes by giving the community an opportunity to vote for their favorite burger.

"The Peoples Choice Award, we thought, would be a really fun way to start some very friendly competition in the city," said Kriebel. "We wanted it to be a lot of fun for the restaurant owners."

Kriebel said people are encouraged to try each participating restaurants' burger and vote for their favorite at the end of the week.

"After Burger Week is over and we get all the results, the winning restaurant will get a trophy to display in their business to show that they were the 2018 Burger Week winner," said Kriebel. "But, next year, the trophy is up for grabs."

Kriebel hopes the Peoples Choice Award will engage the restaurants in "a little friendly competition."

To vote for your favorite burger at the end of Burger Week, visit corbinkytourism.com.

"My hope is that tourists take away the realization of the uniqueness of the restaurants that we have here in Corbin and the variety," said Kriebel. "The thing about locally owned and operated businesses is that they're one of a kind. They have their own flare that you're not going to find anywhere else on earth. We want to people to realize the variety, the talent that we have here and that we really are a food destination."

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