, Corbin, KY

November 13, 2013

First responders rescue London woman

Car goes into Lynn Camp Creek after it goes over hill backwards, Corbin, KY

CORBIN — By Jeff Noble / Staff Writer

Quick action by Corbin Fire, Police and other first responders last Friday got a elderly woman to safety after her car ended up in Lynn Camp Creek.

It all happened around 12:15 p.m. as Margaret C. Howard, of London, was coming out of the McBurney Center on Barbourville Street in Corbin. She walked to the parking spot where her car — a 2001 four-door Chevy Malibu — was located, got in, turned on the ignition and began backing out of the spot.

But according to the police report, something went wrong.

Her foot got caught between the gas pedal and the brake pedal. Howard wasn’t able to get her car stopped before she went over the hill and ended up in the creek.

Police estimated the car’s speed at the time was between 5-15 miles per hour.

Howard’s car was turned on its side in the creek, with the passenger side underwater and the driver’s side facing up into the air.

A wrecker had pulled up to the scene of the incident, along with members of the Corbin Police Department.

So were Corbin Firefighters James Smith and Chad Jackson.

“We pulled up just as Wallen’s Towing was pulling a cable over the car and hooking it to keep the car from rolling over. We got there and she was sitting on the windowsill of the car, trying to get out. The car was on its side,” he said.

With other responders along the creek bank, Jackson and Smith got in the water to save Howard.

“We went in the creek, checked her for injuries, and carried her out to the bank. She had gone into the Whitley County side of Lynn Camp Creek when the car went down the hill.  But we got her on the Knox County side, and that’s why a Knox County EMS unit was there waiting for her. They got her in the ambulance, and an EMT checked her out. She did not go to the hospital. She was scared, and said her shoulder was hurting just a little bit,” added Jackson.