, Corbin, KY

July 30, 2013

Police Roundup - July 30, 2013, Corbin, KY

CORBIN — Times-Tribune Staff Report

American Greeting Card Road scene of meth arrests

A traffic stop Monday afternoon on American Greeting Card Road landed two Laurel Countians in jail on meth charges.

Amy M. Steele, 34, of Farris Road, London, and Michael A. Nakonechy, 31, of Highway Ky. 552, were both arrested by the Laurel County Sheriff’s Department during the stop. Steele was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, first offense; trafficking in a controlled substance, first offense; and intent to defraud/scheme/artifice to obtain benefits under $10,000.

Nakonechy was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, first offense, and trafficking in a controlled substance, first offense. He was also charged on Laurel County bench warrants for failure to appear in court on previous drug-related charges, and numerous traffic-related offenses.

Both Nakonechy and Steele are jailed in the Laurel County Detention Center.

Laurel County Sheriff John Root reports the arrests came after Det. Jason Back and Deputy James Sizemore investigated complaints last week and again this week about people making meth and distributing meth in the southern Laurel County area.

Because of the complaints, a traffic stop on American Greeting Card Road Road in Corbin was set up shortly after noon. Officers stopped the vehicle Steele and Nakonechy were in and discovered a quantity of suspected amphetamine, along with items used to manufacture meth.

In addition, Steele had four other persons’ food stamp (EBT) cards in her possession.

Fugitive arrested Sunday evening

A routine traffic stop north of London Sunday got a Laurel County man behind bars.

Jacob T. Cobb, 22, of Line Creek Road, London, was charged with absconding, failing a drug test, and failure to report to his parole officer. He was also charged with several traffic offenses.

The incident happened around 6 p.m. Sunday on Ky. 490, five miles north of London. According to the Laurel County Sheriff’s Department, Deputy Larry Parrott conducted an investigation during the stop and learned that Cobb was driving on a suspended license for DUI. Cobb was also wanted on a Laurel County bench warrant for operating a motor vehicle under the influence.

Further investigation revealed Cobb was a fugitive, and wanted on a federal parole warrant.

Corbin woman jailed for intoxication

A complaint about a disturbance in southern Laurel County Saturday lands a Corbin woman in jail for being intoxicated.

Amanda L. Wyatt, 34, of Clay Avenue, Corbin, was charged with alcohol intoxication. She was jailed in the Laurel County Detention Facility.

The incident occurred around 1:45 a.m. early Saturday morning. Laurel County Sheriff’s Deputy Josh Scott was dispatched to a disturbance complaint 10 miles south of London on Clay Avenue.

When Scott arrived at the scene, he found Wyatt outside and conducted an investigation, learning that she and a man had an argument and was locked out of the residence. At that point, Wyatt allegedly threw moonshine bottles through the windows, creating a disturbance to nearby neighbors. In addition, she had some cuts to her hand, apparently from breaking windows.

No one was located inside the residence.

Scott determined that Wyatt was so intoxicated that she was a danger to herself, and placed her in custody.

A Laurel County EMS unit checked her at the scene.

Two arrested for DUI, almost striking three police cars

High speed and being intoxicated didn’t mix with two people after they were caught Friday night in Laurel County.

The driver, Mary C. Roberts, 69, and a passenger, Silas Baker Jr., 52, both of Spring Street, London, were arrested during a traffic stop on the vehicle nine miles west of London.

Roberts was charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence, and reckless driving.

Baker was charged with alcohol intoxication in a public place, and possession of an open alcoholic beverage container in a motor vehicle.

Both were jailed in the Laurel County Detention Facility.

The incident occurred last Friday. Laurel County Sheriff’s Deputy Kevin Berry conducted the traffic stop on a silver Jeep Latitude that Roberts was driving on Ky. 192 at a high rate of speed, forcing three deputies off the roadway that were responding to an earlier complaint, and almost striking the three police cars.

Deputies then conducted a traffic stop on the Jeep nine miles west of London around 11:08 p.m. Following an investigation, Roberts and Baker were arrested.

Deputies Mikey Ashurst and Daniel Gregory assisted with the arrests.

Two arrested after loud party complaint

The party was over for a man and woman Friday after being jailed on several charges by Laurel County Sheriff’s Deputies.

David L. Miller, 53, and Arleen Miller, 45, both of Kermit Jones Road, London, were arrested and taken into custody.

David L. Miller was charged with an outstanding Laurel County bench warrant, as well as alcohol intoxication, drinking alcoholic beverages in public, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Arleen Miller was charged with alcohol intoxication and drinking alcoholic beverages in public.

Both were jailed in the Laurel County Detention Facility.

Deputies Josh Scott and Daniel Grigsby were sent to a complaint of a loud party on Kermit Jones Road, four miles south of London around 1:50 a.m. early last Friday morning. When the deputies got to the scene, they heard the loud music and did an investigation, checking people there to see if any one of them were wanted by the law.

When a check on one person came back as being a wanted person, David L. Miller fled out the back of the residence and barricaded himself under it, in a crawlspace.

Deputies got David L. Miller out of the crawlspace, who became angry and resisted arrest, alarming nearby neighbors with his yelling and cursing.

Man charged with assault and alcohol intoxication

A domestic violence disturbance in western Laurel County last Friday sent one man to jail, arrested on two charges.

Tony J. Oakes, 25, of White Oak Road, London, was charged with fourth-degree assault and alcohol intoxication. He was jailed in the Laurel County Detention Facility.

The incident happened early Friday about 12:55 a.m. Sheriff John Root reported Deputies Josh Scott and Daniel Grigsby were sent to a domestic violence disturbance 13 miles west of London on White Oak Road.

After the deputies arrived and investigated the scene, they arrested Oakes.

As he was being taken into custody, Oakes spit in his father’s face.

Man tries to break in on ex-wife

A Laurel County man hoped to enter his ex-wife’s home Thursday, but trying to gain entry landed him a trip behind bars.

John E. Osborne, 51, of Hwy. Ky. 490, East Bernstadt, was charged with second-degree burglary and alcohol intoxication in a public place. He is jailed in the Laurel County Detention Facility.

The incident occurred Thursday morning around 3:30 a.m. Laurel Sheriff’s Deputy Josh Scott was sent to a complaint that a woman’s ex-husband was at her residence on Haley Ridge Road, four miles north of London. The complaint also said he was intoxicated and trying to kick the front door in.

While Scott responded to the scene and trying to locate Osborne, the victim called a second time, reporting that Osborne was kicking the front door a second time, trying to gain entry.

Scott located Osborne hiding behind a trailer hitch on the residence, and arrested him.

Footprints were found on the door.

Osborne told Scott he entered the residence to ask his ex-wife to take him back.