, Corbin, KY

October 4, 2013

Human bones found in storage unit


CORBIN — By Jeff Noble

Staff Writer

A bag of human bones was discovered Thursday afternoon in a Corbin storage unit, according to the Corbin Police Department.

The bones were inside three bags in a unit at Pier Storage on the Cumberland Falls Highway. They were discovered around 4 p.m.

"They had an auction yesterday, and a gentleman was going through the contents of a storage unit that he bought at an auction. He found three plastic grocery-style bags inside the unit. He opened them up and saw bones. He actually identified a lower jawbone and determined it was a human jawbone," Lt. Rusty Hedrick of the Corbin Police Department said.

The man alerted the storage facility of what he found, and Pier Storage contacted police immediately.

Whitley County Coroner Andy Croley was also contacted and went to the scene. Minutes later, Croley positively determined the bones were human remains.

Police believe the bones had been in the storage unit for years.

Hedrick noted the storage unit was originally rented in 2002. Investigators believe the discovery of the bones are connected to a cold case on a missing person in Delaware.

"We're trying to confirm that. We will be treating this case as a homicide."

Police at this time are not releasing the name of the person who owned the storage unit before it was sold.

The bones have been sent to Frankfort to be tested. The Whitley Coroner's Office is trying to identify the person.

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