, Corbin, KY

December 11, 2013

6 now running for county jailer seat, Corbin, KY

CORBIN — By John L. Ross / Staff Writer

Voting — that may not be what’s foremost on everyone’s mind during the bustling Christmas season.

But it certainly is for candidates who have filed their paperwork for the May 20, 2014 election.

Thirty-four candidates have now officially filed paperwork with the Whitley County Clerk’s office to appear on the ballot — all of those candidates are Republicans.

Six people now vie for the county jailer’s seat.

Current jailer Ken Mobley, 62, filed paperwork to run for the sheriff’s seat and will not seek reelection.

Three people tossed their hats in the ring for the jailer’s seat in November — Tommy Hurst, 44, Sandra Hoke, 53, and Russell W. Smith, 41, all of Williamsburg.

Last week, two more Williamsburg residents added their names to the ballot for jailer — Bill Moses, 76, and Brian Lawson, 30.

The latest addition to this list is Williamsburg resident Will Leach, 65. Seven candidates previously filed documentation with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance (KREF) stating they had spent monies prior to the Nov. 6 opening of filing, so one more candidate may still file to run.

All four district magistrate seats for Whitley County are slated for the May 20 ballot.

Five people are now in the running for the District 3 magistrate seat, currently held by Jamie Fuson. Fuson will not seek reelection to the seat — instead he filed paperwork to run for Judge/Executive.

Two of those five District 3 magistrate candidates filed their paperwork in November to appear on May’s ballot — Williamsburg residents Michael Jarboe, 39, and Mike Faulkner, 61.

Truman Lawson, 69, also of Williamsburg, filed paperwork within the last two weeks.

The latest pair to file for this seat are Williamsburg residents Ted Barrineau, 64, and Michael Fuston, 34.

The District 4 magistrate seat has its incumbent, Robert “Robbie” Brown, seeking to keep the seat. But Brown will now face at least four challengers in May — three have already filed, Mark Brock, 40, of Corbin, and Raleigh Meadors, 51, of Williamsburg, and Terry Huddleston, 44, also of Williamsburg.

The newest candidate to file paperwork this week is Raymond J. Campbell, 40, of Williamsburg.

No names have been added to the ballot for the District 2 magistrate seat, currently held by Magistrate David Myers. It is unknown whether Myers will campaign to maintain his seat.

Incumbent Roger Wells, 53, of Williamsburg has filed to keep his District 1 magistrate seat, and so far will face challenger Scotty Harrison, 42, of Williamsburg, in May.

Current 3rd District magistrate Jamie W. Fuson, 41, of Williamsburg, will campaign against incumbent Pat White, Jr., 37, of Williamsburg, who first filed to retain his seat. No new names have been added to that race.

Four candidates plan to appear on the May 20 ballot to run for the sheriff’s office.

Besides Mobley, incumbent Sheriff Colan Harrell, 67, Darren Gilreath, 35, all of Corbin, and Denver Bargo, 64, of Woodbine, will appear on the May 20 ballot as candidates for sheriff. No new candidates have filed to run for this office.

All four constable seats are up for election in May, but candidates have only filed paperwork in three of those districts.

The first, second and third districts so far have had only one candidate to file for those seats.

Incumbent Lonnie Foley, 63, of Williamsburg, will campaign to keep his District 1 seat, while Ron “Bubba” Bowling, 49, of Corbin, has filed to maintain his 2nd District constable seat.

Dorman Patrick Jr., 27, of Williamsburg, filed his paperwork to run for the District 3 constable position.

Two residents have filed for the District 4 constable position — set to appear on the May 20 ballot are Carl Neal, 40, and Ronnie Fritts, 49, both of Corbin.

County coroner Andy Croley, 41, of Williamsburg, plans to campaign to keep his seat, and will face challenger Terry “TJ” Hamblin, 23, also of Williamsburg. Both candidates filed their paperwork to run for election in November.

County attorney Robert “Bob” Hammons, 58, of Corbin, who was elected in May 2012 for the seat and sworn in more than a year ago, has filed to run for re-election. No one has yet filed to run against him.

Also currently not facing a challenger is incumbent County Clerk Kay Schwartz, 58, of Williamsburg, who filed her paperwork to appear on May’s ballot.

Robert R. Moses, 72, of Williamsburg, is the only candidate as of Tuesday to get his name on May’s ballot for the County Surveyor seat.

All these candidates have filed their intent to run for office as of Tuesday.

No updates were available at press time from the Knox County clerk’s office, and in Laurel County, Harley Hammack, 65, of London, has filed paperwork to run for the District 5 constable seat.

Voters will have plenty of time to make up their minds about candidates — but if there are folks interested in voting who are not yet registered, the deadline to register to vote in the May 20, 2014 election is April 21, 2014.