, Corbin, KY

May 22, 2013

Man indicted for pouring gas on wife, himself

The Times-Tribune


By John L. Ross, Staff Writer

A man who allegedly poured gasoline on himself and his wife and threatened to set them both on fire was indicted in Whitley County Circuit Court Monday, court documents indicate.

Russell L. Knickerbocker, 48, of Corbin, received a three-count indictment in front of Judge Paul K. Winchester.

On March 16, the Corbin Police Department responded to a domestic violence complaint on 8th Street, according to Public Affairs Officer Major Rob Jones.

The caller said a man was pouring gas in a woman’s eyes and trying to kill her.

Officers allegedly found Knickerbocker and his wife, Carla Knickerbocker, covered with gasoline. Russell Knickerbocker had allegedly doused the couple in gas and threatened to light them both on fire, according to Jones.

Jones added those officers reportedly witnessed Russell Knickerbocker pouring gas around his house and threatened to set it ablaze as well.

A standoff ensued, but Corbin Fire Department firefighters were able to hit the man with a stream of water, ending the threat, according to Jones.

After his release from the hospital, he was jailed in the Whitley County Detention Center.

On Monday, Russell Knickerbocker was indicted on three counts by the Whitley County grand jury.

The first count indicts him for first-degree wanton endangerment when he allegedly “manifested extreme indifference to human life by pouring gasoline one (his wife) causing substantial danger of death or serious injury” to her, the indictment states.

The second count indicts him for first-degree criminal attempt to commit arson after allegedly attempting to set fire to his wife’s home.

The third count charges resisting arrest after he allegedly attempted to prevent the Corbin Police Department from arresting him.

He is scheduled for his next appearance in court June 17.