, Corbin, KY

January 14, 2013

Woodbine store wants annexed

Corbin commissioners to consider request, business owner wants to sell beer

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — By Jeff Noble / Staff writer

When the Corbin City Commission holds their first session of 2013 this afternoon at 5 p.m., one request to be annexed will come from a convenience store about a mile down the road.

On the agenda is for commission members and Mayor Willard McBurney to consider the request for annexing the property located at 40 Highway 6 in Woodbine. That property is where the New Friendly Food Mart sets.

The community of Woodbine is unincorporated, and is in Whitley County, which is “dry.” Last February, voters in Corbin approved the sale of alcoholic beverages by the package, and the first beer sales in Corbin began in June. Presently convenience stores, supermarkets and grocery stores in the city limits are allowed to sell package beer if licensed by the state Alcoholic Beverage Control board.

The store’s manager, Nick Patel, wants the store to be taken into Corbin for purposes such as police and fire protection. But he pointed out the main reason is for business.

“We want to be annexed. We want to sell beer and be in the city,” Patel said in a phone interview Friday.

It’ll be Corbin’s Building Inspector, Frank Burke, who will make the proposal to the commission, which is the first step in an annexation request. But he noted in a phone interview last Friday, the request could be a tough sell for the store.

“Unfortunately for them, they’re so far out of the city limits, it’s not looking good. You’re talking about a mile out just to get one store in, and not like, say, a subdivision wanting to be annexed. And there could also be some opposition from the neighborhood the store’s in.”

Burke added he has no authority on how the ruling will come out.

“It’s the commission’s decision.”

Monday’s Corbin City Commission meeting will also be the first for two new commission members. Both Suzie Razmus and Bruce Hodge were elected in the Nov. 6 general election, and replaced Phil Gregory and Joe “Butch” White on the commission. White was defeated in his re-election bid, while Gregory did not seek another term. Hodge and Razmus join incumbent commissioners Ed Tye and Joe Shelton, who won re-election in November.