, Corbin, KY

December 12, 2013

Tourism explores restaurant tax idea, Corbin, KY

CORBIN — By LeeAnn Cain / Staff Writer

Money was discussed at Wednesday evening’s London Tourism and Convention Commission. The commission is currently not funded.

According to chairman Jason Handy, London Mayor Troy Rudder promised some seed money to the organization but the amount was not specified.

A lodging tax and a restaurant tax were speculated upon, with the board finally agreeing to recommend the implementation of a 3 percent or less restaurant tax to the London City Council.

London city attorney Larry Bryson reminded the commission that they themselves could not implement any taxes for revenue, and before they could recommend anything to the council they had to have a tentative budget drawn up.

The commission ultimately decided to spend the time until January’s meeting researching and drawing up a budget for city tourism.

The commission also discussed hiring a director.

Bryson said that it was up to the commission to determine hiring criteria for the new city tourism director, and commission member Bill Dezarn reminded members that they first needed funding to hire a director.

Commission members agreed that the director should be a city employee, but they also agreed that before they could advertise for a director they had to sort through funding and decide on the salary and benefits package for the position.

Sharon Cornelius presented some research on a tourism commission director’s duties, and the commission decided to look further into the duties required of the director.

A treasurer was chosen for the newly created London Tourism and Convention Commission.

Sharon Cornelius was chosen to be treasurer following a motion to nominate her after a discussion on the role of the treasurer.

Bryson speculated that the city clerk is to handle much of the financial matters of the commission while the treasurer will keep track of monetary balances and give reports.

After some discussion it was decided that a list of duties for the treasurer would be drawn up for the next meeting.

A regular meeting time has also been established; the London tourism board will meet on the third Monday of every month.