, Corbin, KY

May 22, 2013

Four indicted for meth

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — By John L. Ross, Staff Writer

Four people jailed after an anonymous tip led deputies to a Rockholds residence April 28 were each handed their indictments Monday, court documents indicate.

Larry George Henry Vanover Jr., 35, Scottie Lee Paul, 25, Nancy A. Salyer, 28, and Jessica Ann Rainwater, 23, all of Rockholds, were all indicted on one count of manufacturing methamphetamine in front of Judge Paul K. Winchester in Whitley County Circuit Court.

According to Whitley County Sheriff Colan Harrell, Detective Tim Baker got the phoned-in tip, which included information that meth was being made at that Rockholds home.

Harrell said deputies smelled “a strong chemical odor of meth at that residence,” located just off Hwy. 26.

Once the occupants of the home were secured, the sheriff said deputies obtained a search warrant.

Deputies seized several ingredients used in the manufacture of methamphetamine, a number of syringes and various other drug paraphernalia.

Harrell said after further searching, Hill located a plastic grocery bag in the attic space containing tubing and a green plastic pop bottle with an unknown substance inside of it.

Harrell said Kentucky State Police neutralized the meth-making operation.

“It was very alert of those deputies to locate that meth lab,” Harrell said. “And we want the community to know we check out all information we receive pertaining to the manufacture of methamphetamine.”

All four defendants are currently out on bond.