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July 15, 2013

Fire dept. gets new Canadatown station

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — Times-Tribune Staff Report

Members of the Woodbine Volunteer Fire Department in Whitley County now officially have a new station to assist the community in emergency situations.

The Woodbine VFD recently opened its third station, the second located in Whitley County. 

This station is located in the Canadatown Community.

 “This has been a long time coming,” said Rick Fore, Woodbine Fire and Rescue chief. “We have been talking about putting a station in Canadatown for a couple years and we were finally able to raise enough money to get the station open.”

According to a press release from Amber Owens, county projects director, the opening of this station means better fire protection for residents in the area and also could mean lower insurance rates.

“With the addition of this substation, the fire protection rating for this area has been upgraded to a nine,” states the release. “Insurance agents in the area say this could save residents 10 to 20 percent on their insurance depending on the type and age of the structures.”

That’s a good thing, according to county leaders.

“I am very pleased that Woodbine Fire and Rescue is now offering fire protection in the Canadatown Community,” said Judge/Executive Pat White Jr. “Previously, this area had no nearby fire protection, now thanks to Woodbine, citizens who live there will have some peace of mind, and it could also save them some money.”

Owens explained much work went into making this happen. 

Woodbine Fire and Rescue filed the required paperwork with the state, according to the release.

Then members had to have the fire trucks inspected, approved, and they had to show they could haul a specified number of gallons of water in a certain time period. 

Owens said WVFD also had to show they have a state-specified number of firefighters with the required training hours.

“Right now we have two vehicles down there,” Fore said. “We hope to add on to the building and add more vehicles soon. 

“I hope to have a tanker down there this fall.”

People living in the area are advised to contact their insurance agents to see if they qualify for a lower insurance rate.