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August 22, 2013

Union College Block Party set for tonight

The Times-Tribune


By John L. Ross / Staff Writer

Before Union College students have their noses prepared to mash against the grindstone, there’s going to be a Block Party.

And incoming Union students as well as everyone and anyone in the community are invited to attend.

Where is this Block Party? On the college’s front campus.

When? Right about 6 p.m. tonight.

What’s the plan?

According to Melissa Reid, public relations director for the college, there are no activities planned.

“We’re justing eating and greeting,” she said.

The annual event usually brings hundreds of people to the campus.

“We expect about the same turnout as last year, which was about 500 people,” Reid said.

Who can attend this event?

“There is no guest list — it’s open to everyone,” Reid said. “Generally, we host students, faculty, staff and community, as well as their friends and families.”

Those attending should bring with them their appetites — and according to Reid, be ready for some “fellowship.”

“This picnic provides an opportunity for fellowship, along with some really good food,” she said. “Union provides the meal, and local churches bring homemade desserts.”

The annual block party has two goals in mind.

“Union hosts this special event every year for two reasons,” Reid explained. “To make our new students feel welcome, and to reinforce to everyone that Union and Barbourville together form a community.

“We have a strong connection, but we also think it’s important to remind people of that,” she added.

For more information about tonight’s Block Party, contact the college at 1-800-489-8646. The school is at 310 College Street in Barbourville.