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August 15, 2012

New sewer rehab project in CUC’s future

CORBIN — By Jeff Noble / Staff writer

With one sewer rehabilitation project completed, the Corbin City Utilities Commission is looking into another one.

The future project would increase the flow to the CUC’s wastewater treatment plant, relieving the overload on the collection system during heavy rainfalls.

The CCU board learned of this after General Manager Ron Herd released his report during the board’s regular meeting Tuesday afternoon.

According to Herd’s report, “The collection system rehabilitation has helped and is needed, but to stop the system overflows it is more apparent that this needs consideration.”

Herd added the planned project would involve adding a third clarifier and upgrades to Pump Station Number 1, which would make it able to increase flow to the wastewater treatment plant on an as-needed basis. He also said increasing water flow to the plant could require adding another oxidation ditch which would handle the increased flow. Herd added that during the design phase of the proposed project, different options would need to be considered.

It comes after a final inspection was made last week on the 2011 Sanitary Sewer Project, which involved a “dig and replace” process where crews dig up the sewer and replace old pipe with a new one. A total of $1,297,337 in CUC funds was allocated for the project, with the contractor being paid $933,340.95 while $103,704.55 being held in retainage.

Board members approved Perdue Environmental Contracting Company as the low bidder for work on the Old Trickling Filter Mercury Removal Project at the wastewater treatment plant.

In getting the low bid, Perdue’s base bid price of $58,201.45 and alternate bid price of $19,356.75 came to a total bid price of $87,558.20.  AST Environmental, Inc.’s base bid price of $110,000 and alternate bid price of $18,600 came to a total bid price of $128,600, while the base bid price of $146,509 and alternate bid price of $31,034 from Chase Environmental Group ended up with a total bid price of $177,543.

Perdue also was the lowest in estimated unit pricing for what was called “worst case scenario” and “more likely scenario” costs. In a more likely scenario, Perdue’s unit pricing was $94,041.11, while their worst case scenario unit pricing was $795,385.45.

AST’s unit pricing for a more likely scenario was $123,800, while their worst case scenario unit pricing was listed as $801,200. As for Chase, they listed their more likely scenario price as $92,151.50, while their worst case scenario price as listed as $1,018,615.

The estimated costs take into account transporting liquids and solids for non-hazardous and hazardous treatment and disposal, as well as treatment and disposal of liquids and solids as non-hazardous and hazardous waste.

“The final cost won’t be known until all the mercury is taken out,” Herd told board members.

In other actions, Herd reported Cultural Resource Analysts performed an archaeological survey last week for the KY 1232 Sewer Extension Project in Knox County. He added a couple of easements have not been signed for the project, which will be paid for with state and federal grants totaling $1,297,119. The main revisions on the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning work at the CUC offices have been done by the contractor with the system now in operation, with Herd adding some minor work and final adjustments to be finished in a week.

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