, Corbin, KY

October 23, 2013

Police Roundup - Oct. 23, 2013, Corbin, KY

CORBIN — Times-Tribune Staff Report

Brother, sister nabbed in Corbin shoplifting scheme

A Laurel County brother and sister worked as a team in a shoplifting scheme Tuesday morning. Both were caught by police, with the sister arrested.

Peggy L. Cochran, 36, of London, was charged with theft by unlawful taking (shoplifting), endangering the welfare of a minor, and receiving stolen property under $500.

She was jailed in the Laurel County Detention Center.

At the time of Peggy Cochran’s arrest, she had three children — ages 3, 11 and 13 — along with her. The older children had not been sent to school.

The state Social Services department was contacted regarding her children’s situation.

Her brother, Larry L. Cochran, 32, of East Bernstadt, was charged with theft by unlawful taking (shoplifting), as well as some traffic offenses in regards to a maroon-colored Ford Windstar van parked in the Corbin Walmart’s parking lot.

The incident occurred around 11:30 a.m. Laurel County Sheriff’s Deputy Josh Scott was sent to a complaint of a person shoplifting at the Corbin Walmart, located in southern Laurel County.

When the deputy arrived there, he and the store’s loss prevention personnel began an investigation. They determined a brother and sister team had allegedly devised a scheme to get money by returning merchandise to Walmart.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Larry Cochran allegedly found an old receipt outside the store that had been discarded. He then went inside the store and shoplifted the item. Afterward, his sister Peggy Cochran took the stolen merchandise back inside to the service desk and returned the item with the receipt, getting her money back.

Man makes disturbance, gets arrested

A Madison County man thought Monday night’s all right for fighting in Laurel County. Instead, he spent the night behind bars.

Jason S. Britton, 36, of Richmond, was charged with alcohol intoxication. He was jailed in the Laurel County Detention Facility in London.

The incident happened around 11:30 p.m. According to Sheriff John Root, Laurel County Sheriff’s Deputy Mikey Ashurst was dispatched to a complaint of a man creating a disturbance at a home on Fisherman’s Cove Road, five miles north of London. When the deputy arrived at the scene, Ashurst learned from the property owner that Britton was in the house trying to fight people inside, and damaging property.

Ashurst did an investigation on Britton, determined that he was under the influence, and arrested him.

Laurel man arrested, charged on three counts

A loud party Monday night in Laurel County brought out the law. In turn, they brought a London man out in cuffs and arrested him on three charges.

Jesse Carpenter, 55, of London, was charged with alcohol intoxication, second-degree disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. He was jailed in the Laurel County Detention Facility.

The incident occurred around 9:58 pm. Laurel County Sheriff’s Deputy Daniel Grigsby, along with Senior Sgt. Greg Poynter, Deputy Larry Parrott and Deputy Tyler Morris were sent to a complaint of loud music on Ravenwood View Road, two miles west of London.

When they got there, deputies located Carpenter in the driver’s seat of a red Jeep. He left the Jeep cursing the deputies, and created a disturbance that brought neighbors out of their homes.

The deputies determined Carpenter was very intoxicated, and he was arrested.

In addition, deputies had to struggle with Carpenter to get him into the police cruiser, to be taken to jail.

Corbin man jailed for assault, marijuana possession and more

A complaint of domestic violence ended up with an arrest of a Corbin man on a slew of charges Monday night.

Adam Baker, 22, of Corbin, was charged with fourth-degree assault, fleeing and evading police on foot, and possession of marijuana. He was also charged on a Knox County bench warrant for theft by deception, and a Whitley County bench warrant for fleeing and evading police on foot, third-degree criminal mischief, and second-degree wanton endangerment, with the victim a police officer.

He was jailed in the Laurel County Detention Facility.

The incident happened around 8 p.m. The Laurel County Sheriff’s Office reported Senior Sgt. Greg Poynter and Deputy Larry Parrott were called out to a domestic violence complaint on Douglas Boulevard in Corbin.

When they arrived there, deputies found a woman with cuts and bruises, and learned her husband had allegedly pushed her down and kicked her.

Baker fled inside the house and locked the door when deputies pulled up.

After they entered the residence, the deputies found Baker hiding in a water heater closet that had a fake front on it. They also discovered marijuana on Baker, and arrested him.

Shoplifter caught, arrested at Walmart

Removing merchandise and being under the influence didn’t mix for a Corbin woman who was arrested Monday afternoon on two counts.

Pamela Renee Hatfield, 22, of Corbin, was charged with shoplifting and public intoxication. She was jailed in the Laurel County Detention Facility.

The incident occurred around 4 p.m. Sheriff John Root reported that Laurel Sheriff’s Senior Sgt. Greg Poynter was dispatched to a complaint by loss prevention personnel at the Corbin Walmart.

Store personnel observed Hatfield attempting to remove unpaid merchandise, and when Poynter got there, he did an investigation and also determined that Hatfield was under the influence.